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Girl of the Week: Mijune Pak

If you don’t already know her, you probably recognize this week’s Girl of the Week as Mijune Pak of the local Vancouver food blog Follow Me Foodie. Mijune is a well-known foodie in the city with an infectious excitement and passion for food. Her personal interests include food and eating a lot of it! (No surprise there), but she also has a soft spot for fashion (music to my ears). Meet Mijune.

What are you wearing: Burgundy leather gloves from Nine West, vintage Jean Pierre sunglasses, brown Italian leather oversized handbag from a leather market in Florence, white twill coat from Mac & Jac, Donna Karan black tights, black patent Mary Jane shoes from Nine West, and light pink scarf with silver beading from GAP.

My personal style is: Feminine, elegant, classic, but original and still fun!

Most recent purchase: I guess that’s non-food related? I rarely wear pants… that sounds bad. But I’m just a fan of dresses. I figured I needed a pair of pants so I bought Soaked in Luxury fox pants in khaki brown, nice and loose – good eating pants!

3 items in my bag: Camera for taking food pics, “Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake” pink notebook for food notes, and Blackberry to tweet about all the deliciousness.

Go-to Look: An apron! No, I’m kidding. A dress! Always a dress. And heels! Always heels. Oh and tights if it’s cold. And a jacket! Always a jacket, which I’ll rarely take off because I’m always cold.

One thing every girl should have: An appetite!

Wardrobe staples: Black patent Mary Jane shoes and a classic white and black coat.

Favourite foods: How many things can I list? Can I kindly refer you to my 2010 Follow Me foodie “Best of” list?

Beauty Must-Have: Eyeliner.

If you had to wear the same thing, everyday, for a week: A black jersey dress with 3/4 length sleeves, right above the knee.

Current wish list: A black leather bag. I just can’t find one that’s a perfect fit that not every single girl has.

Drink of choice: Milk! It’s the first thing I thought of and I do like it.

Guilty pleasure: Desserts. Ice cream. Anything sweet. It’s really bad but oh so good!

Photo by Patrick Leung.


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  1. I love her shades 🙂

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