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Feathered Away

So recently I have noticed a fun new trend popping up among Canadian celebs. First on set with Fefe Dobson for her latest music video “Can’t Breathe” and second with actress Carly Pope while prepping her for her premiere of “Textuality”. Both these Canadian fashionistas were rocking these feathered extensions and I couldn’t get enough! These glued in pieces act as any other extension. They can be washed, ironed, curled, and hold product!! Discreetly pieced behind the ear and randomly throughout the lower sections of the hair, only four or five feathers max peeked through. These extensions are best suited for medium length to long hair. However as a short haired girl myself, I am going to try working a couple in to my own locks. Application cost ranges from approximately $30-$50 CAD.

You can find feathered extensions at  The Third Floor Hair Boutique (660 Queen Street West, Toronto)  and Stratosphere Salon (1259 Granville Street, Vancouver).

Go ahead and get feathered away!


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