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Gossip Girl Review: Princess Blair Waldorf of Manhattan

I know Prince William is already taken, so isn’t the crown prince of Monaco the next best thing? For Blair, it’s a much better choice than Chuck. Seriously, his negativity was just bringing her down! She deserves to be treated like a true princess. Oh, and some psycho stuff with Charlie happened. Predictable.

1. Blair Waldorf has a “BW” embossed princess phone. Nice.

2. VANESSA. Why are you always lurking around hoping to catch inopportune moments?

3. As if the Princess of Monaco has no one except Serena Van der Woodsen to inform her of her son’s goings-on. Don’t royal people have handlers for that kind of thing?

4. Who uses Bing as a search engine? Seriously?

5. As terrible as what Bart did to Raina’s mother is, I’m not sure the most appropriate thing for Nate and Chuck to do is to sit her down and tell her all about it. A little harsh, no?

6. Damn, Serena, you must feel awful. Blair just pulled the MOH card on you and you’re totally scheming behind her back.

7. Blair: “Countess Alexia! So lovely to meet you. And how’s your uncle the Vicount? I heard he gave up his chair at the university over that unfortunate scandal with the student! I guess not everyone likes oral exams.” Blair, such wonderful poise and dignity. Perfect for a princess, right?

8. I’m not a huge fan of Blair’s overly curly goddess locks. I wanted a stylish chignon! It would look so much better with her shimmery Jenny Packham dress. Although I do wish the dress was floor length.

9. So Chuck is off the deep end again. Can you really blame Blair for not wanting to be around that guy? He’s so dark and moody! And drunk.

10. Imagine Eleanor’s surprise at Blair’s late night phone call. Hasn’t she had time in the past two day to tell her mother that she met someone?

Next week: The return of Jack Bass – the only character on this show who is possibly more scheming and more ruthless than Chuck. I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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