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Seeing Stripes

Blue and white nautical stripes will always be a classic fashion staple. However, with all of the bright hues and colour blocking dominating the fashion scene lately, I’m ready to spice up my stripes in a big way. I am welcoming colourful stripes with open arms. Why? Because bright primary colours just make me happy. Don’t they remind you of sunshine and rainbows? Plus, you can’t not stand out in these attention-grabbing candy stripes. I am all for bold fashion. Get in line because bold colourful stripes are this summer’s hottest pattern!

1. Aldo Dyle, $100 CAD
2. H&M Dress, $19.95 CAD
3. Modcloth Greeting Rainbows Cardigan, Approx $62.73 CAD
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Medium Tate Tote, $177.05 CAD

Zara Striped Top, $59.90 CAD

Zara Large Striped Blouse, $59.90 CAD

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Reader's Comments

  1. I have the Zara striped top! So cute. The boatneck doesn’t seem to want to lie flat when I wear a cardigan or blazer on top though, so I’m going to have to wait for warmer weather.

  2. love the horizontal stripes! stunning and slimming, always a winning combo for me

    @lisa: I don’t think you’ll be waiting long now for the warm weather, its starting to shine in Van City!

  3. I have nothing but love for this style. Can’t wait to break out the stripes! 🙂

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