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Gossip Girl Review: The End Is Here

Once again, the Gossip Girl season finale wraps everything up in a nice little bow for us. All the issues leading up to the season finale – Charlie being crazy, Blair being kidnapped, Chuck chasing Blair – as usual, got resolved. Although, I’m really glad Gossip Girl pulled out one final cliff hanger: Blair is totally pregnant with Chuck’s baby! PS – I totally hope they make Georgina a series regular. She is amazing.

1. Nate (to Dan): “Are you sure? I mean, maybe that’s just what you wanted to hear.” Nice one, Nate. I didn’t realize you actually had a sense of humour! I thought you were just eye candy.

2. Blair’s ex-crony: “Look who got cute!” Eric: “I’m still gay.” Nice try, crony. There’s no winning him over.

3. Ugh. I really can’t take Russell’s kidnapper act that seriously. It sounds so fake!

4. Georgina: “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go get drunk enough so make you all seem interesting. Excuse me.” Wow, I totally missed Georgina.

5. I love psycho Charlie. She’s so much more interesting when she’s knocking over waiters.

6. For as much as that Blair kidnapping was hyped up in the previews, it sure was over quickly.

7. How cute is Chuck when he’s dancing and laughing with Blair? Aww – they really could have had it all.

8. Ugh, Serena’s problems are so trivial. Dan or Nate. College in Rhode Island or New York. Yeah, life is hard.

9. I wish I could spin a globe and go anywhere in the world with Chuck Bass. I’d even take Nate, too – if I had to.

10. Serena’s in LA for five minutes and she’s already being picked up by a movie producer. Welcome to Hollywood, Gossip Girl.

11. Something tells me we haven’t seen the last of “cousin” Charlie. And if she teams up with Georgina, that could make for some amazing television.

Well, that’s it! Gossip Girl won’t be back until September. I wonder if Blair will be showing her baby bump by then! Or, if Serena will have a starring role in a movie. And if Dan will be a famous published author!



Reader's Comments

  1. Thoughts: Serena’s outfit when packing was atrocious slash thank God Vanessa is gone.

  2. I have fallen behind on Gossip Girl but sooo looking forward to catching up on this season!

    ? Marta from With Love…

  3. So sad we won’t have GG until September:(

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