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A Welcomed Change

Bra shopping has always been difficult for me because I wear a size that is very difficult to find in most lingerie stores. I know a lot of girls out there who might be in the same position as I am, so I just had to let our Style Spy readers in on the secret of my new, favourite lingerie store Change. Most women are wearing the wrong size as a result of not being fitted properly, so I encourage you to go get measured (I was definitely wearing the wrong size!). Whether you’re at the very small end or the very large end in cup sizes, Change lingerie has the largest range of sizes that I have ever come across. According to their official website, Change has 95 different bra sizes available in cups up to J cup. The Change staff is amazingly helpful in measuring you and finding you the perfect bra to make you look and feel your best. Plus, their prices are pretty reasonable, making me a very happy customer! I would definitely recommend visiting Change if you’re looking for an update to your lingerie drawer.

Pssst… if you sign up for Club Change and become a Change member, you always get 10% off of all your purchases!

Above – Camille, $28 CAD

Karola, $54 CAD

Katinka, $29 CAD

Rita, $38 CAD


Reader's Comments

  1. I can definitely vouch for this as well! I think they have European sizings, so don’t be surprised if you jump up a couple cups!

  2. This is great news, thank you! I wear a DD/E (depending on the brand) and here the only bras in that size that I can find are from Triumph or similarly expensive brands (in Switzerland a Triumph bra can easily set you back 80 dollars) – not to mention they only come in white, black and nude. Can you say boooooring?

    So for the past several years I have been ordering from VS, but it would be nice to have another store to shop from! I’ll check out Change, thank you!

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