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Girl of the Week: Jay Shuster & Christa Treadwell

Adam spotted this couple from afar as he was walking down College St. in Toronto. This week’s Guy and Girl of the Week are Jay Shuster and Christa Treadwell. Jay is a freelance photographer who enjoys making music and building electronics in his spare time. Christa is also a photographer who works at a camera store by day. She enjoys baking and has been known to bake and photograph infamous ‘Break Up Cakes’, which have been recently featured on the cover of Front Magazine. Meet Jay and Christa.

What are you wearing:
Jay: The shirt is from Value Village, GAP shorts, Crocs shoes (which I have to say are THE most comfy pair of slip-ons I’ve ever owned despite them being ‘crocs’), and Paul Smith ‘Romiley’ sunglasses.
Christa: Denim Keds sans shoelaces, GAP pleated jean slacks, a Hawaiian skirt I picked up from Value Village, and my rainbow reflective shades I got as a trade from a friend.

My personal style is:
Jay: Relaxed and casual. I generally have a rule to not look in the mirror and to just wear what I want.
Christa: Cheap and cheerful, like the clothes your mom or grandma might wear.

Fall essentials:
Jay: Corduroy and long sleeve denim shirts
Christa: Wool cardigans, and a light raincoat with a hood and lots of pockets. I like to bring a light airy scarf just in case it gets extra chilly.

Skincare secret:
Jay: None, but I do shampoo my beard.
Christa: Keep it simple – just water, no soap. That’s the way my mom does it and for a lady in her 70’s she had incredible skin, so I guess I should follow her tips.

Favourite movie:
Jay: A really tough personal question, I watch a lot of movies. I guess a standard answer of mine would be something like Pulp Fiction. But really I fall in love with new movies all the time. Enter The Void might not be my favourite, but I can honestly say I’ve never been  so physically affected by a film as much as Gasper Noe’s latest visual assault.
Christa: Drive – it was so good!

Drink of choice:
Jay: Pims #1 cup.
Christa: Vodka soda. Non-alcoholic: Orange Crush.

Currently saving up for:
Jay: I’m trying to curb my spending habits right now, so let’s just say “life”.
Christa: a BIG old van, circa 1960-80. Then I’ll take a year off and travel all over North America, while documenting kitchy things and spreading my love of old vans everywhere I go.

I never leave the house without:
Jay: My sunglasses.
Christa: For the most part I always have a granny bag. It’s about the same size as a re-usable shopping bag. Its black with cross stitch flower pattern and has two exterior and two interior pockets. the straps are long enough for me to wear it as backpack too, which is great for riding my bike.

Photograph by Adam Moco

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