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Baby, You’ll Freeze Out There

I can recall winters past when my mother would insist on bundling me in a horribly stuffy and bland winter scarf, mittens and earmuffs. Bless her heart she was only trying to keep me warm, however, I am more than thrilled with the array of girly and fabulous winter accessories available to me now.

Living in Vancouver it can be most difficult to stay fashionable in the colder months (if only it were acceptable to rock a snuggie daily). Luckily there are faux fur earmuffs, frosted headwraps and wonderfully feminine gloves to keep us warm. To be honest I had never really thought of winter apparel as a way to express my love of fashion until this season (give or take a scarf or two). So I’m more than excited to invest in some adorably femme cold weather gear.

1. Forever 21 Knit Bow Headband, $4.50 CAD
2. Kate Spade Bow Ski Hat, Approx $89.18 CAD
3. Juicy Couture Directional Headband, Approx $71.34 CAD
4. Juicy Couture Cable & Gem Fur Handwarmers, Approx $51.36 CAD
5. Forever 21 Leatherette Fingerless Gloves, $10.80 CAD
6. Joe Fresh Faux Fur Ear Muffs, $14 CAD
7. Kate Spade Silver Ring Cocktail Gloves, Approx $78.69 CAD
8. Old Navy Cable-Knit Pom-Pom scarf, $24.94 CAD
9. Juicy Couture Bow Arm Warmers, Approx $71.34 CAD

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