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Girl of the Week: Rebecca Cairns

This week’s Girl of the Week is the lovely Rebecca Cairns. Rebecca is a fine art photographer based in Toronto. A recent graduate from Humber College’s Creative Photography program, Rebecca is currently doing her own thing and building her portfolio. Meet Rebecca.

Wearing… This outfit consists of mostly thrift store finds from Value Village, Goodwill and various other shops. A headscarf, handcrafted earrings, a vintage cardigan, long black skirt, a grey knit poncho, tights and black vintage boots.

My personal style is… I suppose you could say I am currently passing through some kind of Victorian-earthy-dark phase that consists of a lot of long skirts, pointed shoes, strange jewelry and Victorian garments.

My winter essentials… I usually don’t dress accordingly to winter conditions but you will never catch me without a scarf of some kind.

I’m currently saving up for… A move across the world and potentially pursuing studies (again). I don’t think there is a place in this world that I wouldn’t love to visit. Though, I suppose Iceland is at the top of my list.

3 items in your makeup bag… Eyebrow pencil, powder foundation and liquid liner.

Most recent purchase… A lovely dark fur vintage coat with a mink collar, purchased today!

Guilty pleasure… I like printed scarves more than anyone should like anything.

Lip balm, lipstick, or lip gloss… Lipstick.

Wardrobe staples… Black tights, dangly or obscene earrings, and long necklaces.

Drink of choice… Avocado smoothies or wine.

Photograph by Adam Moco


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