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Calling Last Minute Shoppers

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? For those who have yet to start or just love the thrill of the rush, here are some quick ideas to get you off to the races. Good luck and stay safe at the malls!

A Little Luxury and Sparkle

MICHAEL Michael Kors Twist Neck Warmer, Approx $49.94 CAD – I love circular knit warmers because they’re so easy to just throw on. This warmer’s segments intertwine with one another for a perfectly cozy winter look.
Aritzia Wilfred Fontane Tank, $135 CAD – A sequined tank is super versatile.  The simple style made of pure silk has a dense concentration of sequins which makes this tank a totally luxe worthy gift.

Fashionable Book Worm
Books are a great gift choice, especially when it’s cold outside and curling up with an intriguing read is just so tempting. These titles caught my eye the other day:
Very Classy by Derek Blasberg, $21 CAD
Sleeping with The Enemy Coco Chanel’s Secret War by Hal Vaughan, $31 CAD
Manolo Blahnik and the Tale of the Elves and the Shoemaker by Camilla Morton, $23.99 CAD

Pretty Gadgets
I’m absolutely obsessed with these iPhone cases by Pretty Smitten over at Etsy. The bright trendy print and monogram are to die for (Santa, can you hear me?). Send a gift certificate to the recipient and she can design her very own iPhone case (Approx $56.45 CAD). The gift certificate ships within 24 hours of payment.

L –  Sprinkles Cupcake Mix
, Approx $15.51 CADFor the girlfriend who loves to bake, Sprinkles Cupcake Mix is the sweetest of treats. Just make sure she invites you over for a taste test.
R – Giant Gummy Bear on a Stick, Approx $10 CAD – If you love gummy bears as much as I do, this is plain sugary fun. I gave these to a few friends last year for Christmas and they got a total kick out of it. For the ambitious, there’s also a 5 lb version.

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