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Red Bull Thre3Style Behind-the-Scenes

Nicole and I arrived at the Red Bull Thre3Style media meet and greet at the Hotel Georgia yesterday afternoon. Red Bull Thre3Style is a DJ competition where participants have 15 minutes to rock the crowd, incorporating at least three genres of music. National champions (18 to be exact) from around the world are in Vancouver for events starting today till Saturday. The battle is on for the title of World’ Best Party Rocker DJ.

The DJ’s were all hanging out in this room. Complete with jumbo sized bean bag chairs. The 5 nights of events will take place at Bar None, Venue, Fortune Sound Club, Five Sixty and the Commodore. Snap your tickets up asap. We’ll be hitting up a few of the events and cannot wait to get our dance on.

DJ’s need a little downtime right? Video games set-up and of course, an ample supply of Red Bull to drink.

Supa! from Paris getting his photo taken. We had a chance to chat with Supa! – he gave us details on the most memorable party he’s ever played.

Nicole and I with Skratch Bastid, Red Bull Thre3Style ambassador and judge. We were ready to split, but the publicist said we had to chat with Skratch Bastid. We’re glad we did, perfect way to end the meet & greet.

Catch our one-on-one interviews tomorrow with Supa! (France), Hedspin (Canada), DJ Spell (New Zealand) and Skratch Bastid.

Photos by Erica Lam & Nicole Soon


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