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Girl of the Week: Shaughnessy Chow and Jennifer Francisty

Erica and I ran into this week’s Girls of the Week, Shaughnessy Chow and Jennifer Francisty last weekend at Fortune Sound Club. Shaughnessy is the co-owner of the lovely boutique JENNYFLEUR in Yaletown. Jennifer is a classical ballet dancer at Coastal City Ballet and a fashion enthusiast. Together, they have recently started their own blog as an outlet to showcase their personal style, or what they like to refer to as “their faux pas”. Meet Shaughnessy and Jennifer.

Shaughnessy: Motel Romper, Moschino Belt, Vlieger and Vandam bag, and Jeffrey Campbell shoes.
Jennifer: Cameo jumper. Vintage kimono knee highs and Jeffrey Campbell litas and prada bag.

My personal style is…
S: Boho, goth, American.
J:  Sultan chic meets enter the Wu-Tang 36 chambers.

Currently lusting after…
S: A Goyard trunk.
J: Alexander Wang Rocco duffle.

Dream vacation…
S: To go to Florence for Pitti Uomo.
J: A week in Oakland.

Most memorable fashion purchase…
S: My most memorable fashion purchase was actually my first designer purchase when I was 12 years old, and it’s this velour Gucci crescent hobo; it’s an awful bag, but I’ll have it forever.
J: Vintage Chanel backpack.

Weekend wardrobe…
S: My weekend wardrobe doesn’t really differ a whole lot from what I wear day to day, I guess my dresses get shorter and my knee socks get higher.
J: Some sort of statement shoe and a tunic.

3 items in my bag…
S: Gloves, notebook, and coin wallet.
J: Violet lipstick, credit cards, and Liquid Swords cassette tape.

Where do you see yourself in ten years…
S: Hopefully somewhere in fashion.
J: Caught in a love triangle between Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs.

Beauty essentials…
S: Kiehl’s Moisturizer, MAC Bronzer, YSL lipstick, and Tom Ford Neroli Portofino.
J: Mascara, cover up, and Dove soap.

Favourite accessory…
S: Hands down – Army of Rokosz Rings.
J: Either my grillz or my rings.

Words to live by…
S: Pray For Proenza.
J: If it feels wrong, then it looks right.

Photograph by Erica Lam


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