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Girl of the Week: Gabrielle Bayona

Gabrielle Bayona (but she prefers “Gaby”) is one part of the mother-daughter team behind Ellebay Bridal Boutique, a custom dress shop located in New Westminster. Gaby designs all of the dresses (what talent!) while her mom constructs them. Together, they make for quite the team as the gowns are incredibly stunning. Gaby currently attends Blanche MacDonald, and on the side does amateur photography, cinematography, styling and tweets as @ellebaygirl.  Meet Gaby.

Wearing… H&M circle scarf, sweater, blouse and skirt are all thrifted, H&M tights, Urban Outfitters knee high socks and Michael Kors shoes.

My personal style is… Very dependent on how much sleep I get the night before. My schedule’s pretty crazy, and I definitely have those mornings where jeans, t-shirt, and a big ‘ol sweater are all I can manage before rushing to class/work. It’s a good thing you caught me on a decent day!

One thing every girl should have… A MacBook. I never leave anywhere without it, and it’s great for getting work done on my long skytrain rides downtown.

Must-have beauty product… Lipstick! I wear it as much as I can, and always go for statement colours. My go-to shades are MAC’s “Rebel” and NARS’ “Funny Face”. Oh, and let’s not forget Chanel’s “Gabrielle”, aka the prefect shade of red with a stellar name to boot. Did I mention I was modest?

Signature scent… I don’t have one, but apparently my apartment has a signature scent which follows me around like a rainbow follows a Nyan-cat.

Fashion reads… Bridal magazines! I used to be self-conscious when I picked them up from Chapters (I’m definitely no bride), but a girl’s gotta do her research!

Currently saving up for… New glasses. I want to get some quirky frames to switch up with my regular ones when the time is right.

Dream vacation… I’d love to go to Chantilly in Northern France, which is the town that Chantilly Lace is named after. It’s like the Mecca for lace lovers.

Favorite quote… I don’t have a favorite quote, but I do have favorite lyrics. One of the most meaningful songs on this planet (to me, at least) is Billy Joel’s “Vienna”. It’s one of those songs that I can listen to when things start getting out of hand and I need everything to be put into perspective.

Wardrobe staples… Tights and my army green APC jacket that I have shamelessly been wearing every day since I got it back in December.

Repeat buy… Can I say lattes? Matcha, caramel, dark chocolate mochas, cream earl gray- I want them ALL. I know it’s not fashion related, but I have them so often that it has pretty much turned into a hand accessory.

Photograph by Nathalie De Los Santos


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  1. I’ve been to Ellebay Bridal Boutique before while shopping for a prom dress and honestly it was the only gown store that I loved after visiting a ton of other stores. The store is so cute and small and I love the idea of a mother/daughter business. The ladies were so sweet and they make your experience so personal and all their pieces are so unique! Their gowns are extremely well executed and designed!

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