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TOPSHOP Waterfall Calf Skirt, $76 CAD, The Bay – I’ve been looking for the perfect midi style skirt and this might be it. The soft rosy hue fits right in with my everyday colour palette and the cascading waterfall style is just oh so pretty.

ASOS Magazine – Have you ever checked out ASOS magazine? It’s filled with so much outfit inspiration.  Find something you want to buy? You can literally shop right out of the pages with a simple click.  This month’s cover girl is Elizabeth Olsen. She looks just like her famous sisters.

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief, $43 CAD, The Bay – I recently received a deluxe sample of this and it gave my skin just the extra moisture it was lacking. This gel goes under or over your makeup and ups the ante on your existing moisturizer to give it a boost on those extra dry days. It can also be used as a 10 minute moisture mask.

Twin Link Bracelet, $50 CAD, Banana Republic – I’m a huge fan of bracelets and always looking to add to my collection. These Banana Republic Twin Link bracelets are simple and great for everyday wear. While I love the ivory hued version, the purple and orange are great for a quick pop of colour to the ensemble.

Bold Stripes Blazer, $29.80 CAD, Forever 21 – When it comes to looking put together in an instant, black and white stripes rank high up on my list of style staples. This striped blazer is super versatile and I love how the model is wearing it with a pair of shorts. Casual but still sophisticated. Just how I like it.

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  1. I like Clinique Moisture Surge too. I quite like their range of skincare in general. ASOS magazine. So dangerous to flip through. Striped blazer is really cute too.

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