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Get Gorgeous Skin With Olive Oil?

We caught up with Vancouver’s DANIELA BELMONDO, the brains behind Belmondo Skin Care – a line that features organic olive oil as the base ingredient. Hand-made in small batches with products like The Cloud (a face cream with scents of rose and lavender) and The Dunes (an exfoliant with scents of lavender and bergamot) – Daniela is determined to help women with their skin. Featured in Wallpaper and New York Magazine (no biggie), and most recently, landing in Anthropologie – we wanted to find out more about this local success story.

Tell us a bit about your background.
I have an aesthetics background and completed the spa therapy program at Blanche MacDonald in 2005. I’ve worked in a reputable spa to starting my own practice and most recent addition is the development of Belmondo Skin Care.

When were you inspired to start the line? How long did it take to develop? What were some of the hurdles you had to overcome?

I’ve been in this industry for over six years now and I’ve had the opportunity to work with many different product lines. I always was unimpressed with the quality of ingredients in skin care lines, mostly ranging from local to European brands. I didn’t understand the need for all the crappy ingredients promising to remove this and change that for your skin. I started to research what actually was involved in the making of a skincare line and what goes into a formula and why. I came across many clean lines, many of which were ineffective and just didn’t resonate with me. I would say this is when the idea of Belmondo was born and because I LOVE olive oil, I wanted to implement this in my product.

The line features a range of products including lip balm, face cleanser, face cream, deep pore cleansing mask and under eye cream.

Olive oil appears to the base of your line, why olive oil?
The hero ingredient in the line is organic olive oil, sourced from Italy where my family tree has roots. The products are all hand-made in small batches in Vancouver, BC. with beneficial ingredients to help protect, nourish, and enhance the natural beauty of your skin. We pack our products full of healing, nourishing, and ingredients found in nature, including as many organic, wild-harvested and natural ingredients as possible without any added artificial fragrances and chemicals. I created this line out of a desire to share the incredible natural properties of olive oil with others and growing up in Italy I would literally put olive oil on everything including my skin! Something I learned from my grandmother.

How did the Anthropologie opportunity come about?
We sent them a package late last year and it was well received and accepted as we heard back from them, the next thing we were filling and shipping an order to Anthropologie. It all felt a little bit like a dream and I had to pinch myself a few times. We’re still giddy with excitement about this!

For a girl in their 20’s, what are the skincare products she needs?

For a girl in her 20’s I’d suggest the use a good face moisturizer and make sure to remove all of your make-up before bed with a gently face cleanser sans the soapy suds (aks sodium lauryl sulphate) you don’t need to scrub your face with a scrubbing pad, leave this for your dishes.

For a girl in their 30’s, what are the skincare products she needs?

For a girl in her 30’s I feel like you’re more comfortable in your own skin and have a better sense of what your skin needs and when. You don’t need to use six products to achieve anything. Less is more, use what you feel you want and don’t buy into this idea you need to use three products or else. Take good care of your skin by removing your make-up, get adequate sleep and eat well, you’d be amazed how much this will change your skin. Use a good face moisturizer, especially in colder months.

The five piece Face Kit features The Rain Face Cleanser, After The Rain Face Toner, The Dunes Face Scrub, The Cloud Face Cream & The Balm Nourishing Lip Balm.

Three skincare tips for our readers.
1. Smile.
It doesn’t cost anything and no matter how you’re feeling putting a smile on your face is proven to release endorphines and will usually change what you’re stressing about. And, you may even get a smile back from someone.

2. Simplify. It’s amazing what starts to happen when you simplify your life and your thoughts. Life doesn’t have to be so elaborate and neither does skincare. You will be just fine with using one product, it will work. You can add more if you like as you go along. It’s simple.

3. Water and ‘Real’ Food. When you fill your body with pure water and real food your skin will glow and thank you. That’s all there is to it. No jar of cream will do this for you if you’re filling up on crappy processed foods and sugar laden beverages your skin and health will suffer.

What is the price point for your line?
The product line ranges from $15- 65.

Where can readers find your product?
You can shop online at Anthropologie. If you’re in Vancouver, you can find Belmondo at Anthropologie on South Granville as well as these other retailers.

Where can readers find you online?
Readers can shop/learn more online at, find us on Twitter @danielabelmondo and on Facebook.

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  1. My mom used to put olive oil in our hair to make it healthy and shiny.
    It’s a wonder product.

  2. Thank you for featuring me on The Style Spy! I’m grateful to share the wonderful properties of olive oil with you.

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