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Coachella Style + Tips

Erica and I went to Coachella 2011 last year and had the time of our lives. Sadly, we won’t be attending Coachella 2012 this coming weekend, but that doesn’t mean we don’t always have music festival style on our minds. When we go out shopping, we’ll pick out tops and say, “This is so Coachella”. Music festivals are awesome and truly are an experience to remember. So even though we won’t be in sunny Indio, California this year, I thought I’d give some examples of how to dress for the desert plus some tips that I learned from being at Coachella last year. The next two weekends of Coachella are going to be insane, but remember to be safe and have fun!

The Minimalist Boho – This outfit has all your basic essentials for a simple but chic Coachella outfit. The bikini top allows for a nice tan, while the tribal print scarf can be used as a wrap later when it gets cool. And don’t forget those aviators, it gets pretty bright and sunny out there.

1. Sunset Cliffs bikini top, $29.50 CAD, Hollister
2. Tribal Print Scarf, $12.80 CAD, Forever 21
3. Fringed Envelope Crossbody Bag, Approx $29.71 CAD, Forever 21
4. Aerie Denim Cutoff Shorts, $36.40 CAD, American Eagle
5. Perforated Leatherette Belt, $10.80 CAD, Forever 21
6. Metallic Foiled Thong Sandals, $8.50 CAD, Forever 21
7. Aerie Aviator Sunglasses, $15.46 CAD, American Eagle

The Cool Girl – The bright coloured dress is great for movement when you’re dancing to all the sick beats at Coachella. Keep the outfit simple with a belt and jazz it up with accessories (because you can never have too much!). And the boots help give your overall look that rocker edge.

1. Basic Cap Sleeve Dress w/Belt, $17.90 CAD, Forever 21
2. Fierce Fringe Necklace, $8.80 CAD, Forever 21
3. SM Suede Crossbody Bag, $32.80 CAD, Forever 21
4. Gold Aviator Sunglasses, $15.46 CAD, American Eagle
5. Filigree Beaded Bracelet, $9.80 CAD, Forever 21
6. Crochet Knit Belt, $7.80 CAD, Forever 21
7. BDG Buckled Chelsea Boot, $58.84 CAD, Urban Outfitters

The Girly Girl – You can never go wrong with a floral printed mini skirt topped off with a lace bandeau and a simple tank. The floppy hat helps to protect your face from the unforgiving sun. Finish off with some bad ass boots so you can dance the night away.

1. Polka Dot Ribbon Floppy Hat, $12.80 CAD, Forever 21
2. F0003 Square Sunglasses, $5.80 CAD, Forever 21
3. Tri-Blend Racerback Tank, $24 CAD, American Apparel
4. Feather Pendant Necklace, $6.80 CAD, Forever 21
5. Aerie Vintage Lace Bandeau, $7.48 CAD
6. Talula Itty Bitty Skirt in Vintage Floral, $40 CAD, Aritzia
7. Ecote Harness Boot, Approx $68.81 CAD, Urban Outfitters
8. Zipper Pocket Crossbody, $22.80 CAD, Forever 21

Coachella Survival Tips

1. While sandals seem like a great idea when you think of sunny California, remember that you are in the desert and your feet will get dirty when you’re going from tent to tent. Therefore, I recommend boots over sandals and always remember comfort above all else.

2. Bring a scarf or pashmina that can double as a wrap, or even a light jacket. Even though you’re in the desert, temperatures drop significantly at night and it gets pretty cold!

3. A crossbody bag is the ideal type of bag to use because it leaves your hands free to dance and meet people, but make sure the bag has a secure closure so you don’t lose anything!

4. A mini flashlight because it does get pretty dark at night and some of the washrooms didn’t have any light in them either and you’ll definitely want to be able to see when you’re in there!

5. Rent lockers if you don’t want to carry a lot of stuff around with you. Having a locker also doubles as a designated meeting place, which is what Erica and I did with our friends.


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