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Girl of the Week

Girl of the Week: Sarita Mann

Sarita Mann
is a recent Architecture grad from Dalhousie University and is currently working on designing her own line of greeting cards. Eventually, Sarita hopes to pursue a Masters in Architecture, but in the meantime, she loves all things design and tries to keep up to date with gallery openings. Gastown is one of her favourite pockets of the city and her friends can attest that shoes are her weakness (holla girl). Since she enjoyed her time in Halifax, Sarita highly suggests that everyone explore the East Coast sometime (it’s on my bucket list). Meet Sarita.

Wearing… Pink Martini navy blazer, ASOS cotton lace blouse, Zara mint denim, Zara plaited flats (I love the soft woven leather look), a simple Joe leather belt and my favorite vintage Nelson Swiss Windup Watch.

My Personal Style is… A good balance between old and new. I’ve found some of my favorite pieces at consignment stores and I’m not a huge fan of labels so I tend to go for pieces that don’t overtly splash their branding. I’m a huge fan of menswear-inspired tailoring or simply picking out a piece from the mens section and having it tailored to fit my frame.

Most versatile item in your closet… My Piko 1988 white blouse and my Pink Martini blazer but my favorite would have to be my brown leather slim suspenders, I’m always looking for an excuse to wear them.

Spring essentials… Mint, white or cream-coloured jeans, linen pants, and a peach coloured blazer/jacket.

3 items in your makeup bag… I don’t wear a lot of make up but I never leave the house without my Make Up Forever Waterproof Concealer, Smith’s Rosebud Salve for that glossy, non-sticky look, and a bright red lipstick for a night out on the town.

One thing every girl should have… A sense of gumption because you lend yourself to be savvy and resourceful, witty, creative yet practical.

Style secret… My tailor! She can alter any Indian garment, men’s dress shirt, dress, blouse, etc. Everyone should invest in a good tailor.  Clothes aren’t meant to fit everyone and sometimes if there’s a piece you really like but it’s two sizes too big, BUY IT — it’ll look amazing once it’s fitted, I promise.

Currently saving up for… Either a pair of John Fluevog Gateway Brandenburg Light Cream classic banker type shoe or the Cobalt Blue floor length dress in LYNNSteven’s shop window. It’s a tough call, both are exquisite.

Favorite local hot spots… I’ve always been in love with the Gastown/Chinatown area. My favorites include the Alibi Room, The Diamond, L’abattoir’s bar and atrium, Boneta, Six Acres, drinks at Chill Winston’s patio in the summertime, Bao Bei, New Town Bakery, Chambar, Nuba, Cafe Medina, Guu, and The Union bar.

Guilty pleasure… If I had to pick it would be between a relaxing back massage and facial from Shahnaz Husain Herbal Spa (great people) or a Bacon Maple Ice Cream Sandwich from Meat and Bread — both put a huge smile on my face.

Dream dinner guests… I like big dinner parties, it’s the Indian in me; the more the merrier so… the cast from Mad Men, Bill Murray, Edward Norton, I’d want some Johnny Depp in my life so he’d be on the invite for sure, Ellen Degeneres and of course Portia, Chris Rock, David Letterman and Jack Nicholson, Zooey Deschanel (who can resist those big blue eyes), Louis Kahn, Mies van der Rohe, Charles and Ray Eames, my bestie Michelle and her new family, and all of my great friends.

I never leave the house without… My Nelson Swiss Windup Watch, iPhone, the sketchbook I’m currently working on, and my Canon DSLR w/ 50mm portrait lens.

Photograph by Anita Lee


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  1. she is one of the most interesting girls of the week i’ve seen on here. she seems so easy going & i love her style!

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