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Blog Alert: Vancouver Cycle Chic

Founder of Vancouver Cycle Chic, David Phu

With summer here, it’s the season to leave the car keys at home and jump on the bicycle to cruise around the city. Ever notice people on their rides, looking effortlessly cool?  Blogger David Phu of Vancouver Cycle Chic most definitely does. Vancouver Cycle Chic started just under two years ago, David takes the street style concept one step further by pairing it with his favourite mode of transportation, cycling. We chatted with David to find more about his endeavour.

What is the concept of Vancouver Cycle Chic? Where was it born out of?
VCC is street photography blog that showcases personal style and citizen-cycling (the opposite of sport cycling). Copenhagen Cycle Chic granted me the license to start Vancouver Cycle Chic. It all started when I was getting looks from other super-commuters (those who sport reflecto vests, lycra, Gore-tex, etc.) and I wanted to show the other side of biking–the “ordinary” side.

Where are the top three places in Vancouver to spot a stylish cyclist?
(1) Water at Alexander (Gastown), (2) Main and 10th (Mount Pleasant), and (3) the gazebo at Science World. Those three spots are connecting routes between major neighbourhoods so all types of styles roll through them. Surprisingly, downtown is awful.

Most random place you’ve spotted a stylish cyclist?
I think it was 45th and Earles. This amazing young couple were hurrying to a wedding and they were all nicely dressed. I have never spotted a stylish cyclist in that neck of the woods nor do I ever expect to again.

Your photo was recently featured on UK’s Esquire site, how did that come about?
Some of my photos are in Mikael Colville-Andersen’s official new book, “Cycle Chic” (Thames and Hudson), that came out a couple months ago. Esquire covered it and I guess my photo of the girl in the red dress was Esquire-worthy.

You’re hosting Cycle Chic Social this coming Friday, June 29. Tell us more about it.
The Cycle Chic Social was started by me and my team at the Vancouver Cycle Chic Society. The point of the party is to promote biking to non-bikers. We are collaborating with people in fashion, art, music, media, food, and more. My hope is that people who see the promos or attend the party will walk away feeling like biking is as normal and as sexy as anything else and is not just for sport.

Tickets to Cycle Chic Social are $12 and can be purchased online or at Rowan Sky (322 Water Street, Gastown, Vancouver) or Whoa! Nellie Bikes (2539 Main Street, Vancouver). You can also follow David on Twitter at: @VanCycleChic.

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