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Industry Insider: Kristen Wood

A couple weeks ago here on The Style Spy, we featured the new Canadian nail polish line Get Nailed! – now meet Kristen Wood, the brains (and beauty) who made it all happen. Not only does Kristen own a nail polish line, she is also the owner of The Ten Spot chain of beauty bars in Toronto. Kristen shares with us how Get Nailed came to be, the joys of running your own business and of course, her best tips for keeping that manicure looking flawless.

Tell us about yourself! How did you end up opening up The Ten Spot, and eventually starting Get Nailed?
I think I was born with the entrepreneurial spirit. When I realized the world needed a new take on the spa concept – one that met the needs of my demographic – I was on my way.  After getting super inspired, I wrote a business plan overnight (literally) and was at the bank for a business loan. The style and offerings of The Ten Spot came from what I wanted in a spa and what I thought was missing from the available options in the market. The same with Get Nailed! Having a bunch of Beauty Bars came in hand for the development of line. I wanted a long lasting, easy application polish in great colours – and fun names!

What’s a typical workday like?
My days are pretty diverse. If I look back at the last few weeks, I’ve been in meetings to create a standard (and supercool) sign for all 4 Ten Spots, hiring new managers and employees, strategy meetings with my team, lots of time writing and designing our monthly eNewsletter, along with lots of mommying of my nine month old.

What is the best part of running your own business?
The true feeling of freedom to make decisions and guide the company. The Ten Spot reflects my voice and my ideas completely. I work very hard, but if I ever need a break, it’s on my terms.

What’s your advice for someone who wants to start their own business, beauty-related or otherwise?
I think the best advice is to make sure you really understand what strategy is. It’s not enough to do something you love, or do something well. You have to make sure you’re making a unique contribution in the marketplace. That and following your gut instincts – the only mistakes I’ve made are when I went against my gut feelings.

Are there any nail trends you see blowing up for summer?
I think the micro-bead manicure, and variations on this concept, are still blowing up. It’s remarkable how much interest there is in nail art at the moment, and there are so many people posting their creations online. The micro-bead is super great and high luxury, is very durable and lasts, and best of all you can do it yourself with our Get Nailed Micro-bead Mani kits.

How did you come up with those clever names for Get Nailed?
I actually came up with them while joking around with my mom, Wendy. We both have a slightly sick sense of humour. Once I’d landed on the direction to appeal to young women in the dating scene – or in my case, women who remember what that’s like – we had a ball brainstorming about what eventually became the Get Nailed line.

What should every girl have in their at-home manicure kit?
Must haves include cuticle oil to keep cuticles healthy-looking, a really good hand moisturizer, and exfoliating sugar scrub.

And just for fun…

Fashion must haves?
A classic trench coat! It’s perfect for three season – spring, fall and chilly summer nights! AND a great hat – perfect for those days when you wanna skip a hair wash (which seems to happen more often when you have a baby!)

What are three items you always carry in your bag?
A mini nail file (nothing worse then having an annoying snag and nothing to fix it with), tinted lip balm and SUNSCREEN!

Favourite weekend past time?
Brunching! Then going for a stroll and window shopping (or real shopping…)

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