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Fun Ideas for Storing Your Jewellery

I firmly believe that accessories are the spice that gives your outfit that extra oomph, and as such I own a lot of them. However, accessories are notoriously difficult to store – particularly jewellery like necklaces and bracelets. While you could simply buy a cool jewellery rack,Β  I love to jump on the opportunity to create something myself. Here are some cool ideas I found from Pinterest about ways to store your jewellery. Make sure you check out my own creation below.

Pinterest Jewellery Rack
Pinterest Jewellery Rack
Pinterest Jewellery Rack

I personally got really tired of setting out an extra ten minutes in the morning to detangle my necklaces, so I took action and created my own little DIY necklace rack for less than the cost of your average movie ticket.

Materials Needed
Two packets of giant push pins from Staples, $3.98 CAD
Two 15 cm x 80 cm sheets of cork board from Home Depot, $2.50 CAD
8 Drywall Nails from Home Depot, $2.00 CAD

Peace of mind now that your jewellery is organized: Priceless.

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  1. Have you lovely ladies seen WTFrame?? They’re a great way to store your jewelry as a piece of artwork! Check out Made right here in Vancouver!


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