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Girl of the Week: Holly Ho

Girl of the Week - Holly HoHolly Ho was born and raised in Hong Kong until she left to study Fashion Design in London. After, she studied for her Master’s degree in Global Fashion Supply Chain Management, which brought her back to Hong Kong and then abroad to France and the US. Even though Holly is defined by her travels all over the world, she is still grounded by her family and friends who are her true home. Holly’s love of fashion does not sit well with her wallet and her internet addiction does not go well with her 4-year old laptop and 3-year old iPhone 3GS. She loves all things studded and has amassed a huge collection of nail polish that could last her a lifetime and then some. Meet Holly.

Wearing… Camel blazer with elbow patch from H&M, denim shirt from Uniqlo, gold stud collar chain from ASOS, printed shorts from a random Korean clothing store in Hong Kong, calf-hair wallet from Alexander Wang, watch from Calvin Klein, studded bangles from Eddie Borgo and Aldo, and buckled leather ankle boots from a random Italian boots boutique in Paris.

My personal style is… Dictated by my mood, dependent on the weather and heavily accessorized.

First memorable fashion purchase… Neon pink spandex shorts and a lime green t-shirt with a bright blue stripe across the chest, at 8 years old. Let’s just leave it at that.

Must-have beauty product… YSL touché éclat because I have accepted that my panda eyes are forever tattooed on my face.

Skincare secret… Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula, Vitamin B complex, lots of water and plenty of sleep.

One thing every girl should have… Classiness.

Your top 3 autumn essentials… Skinny leather/leatherette pants, ankle boots with a chunky heel, and something studded.

What are you currently saving up for… A long vacation, complete with sun, sand and sea. Sexy topless man not optional.

Favourite way to unwind from a long day… Surfing the Internet with a big mug of tea. I’m dead serious.

What can you never say no to… Red velvet cupcakes and a proper Chinese massage.

Dream dinner guests… Assuming I can bring back the dead, meet mythical Gods and see cartoon/comic characters in real life, here’s how the night would unfold: My ride to dinner would be Charlie the Unicorn (YouTube for reference—you’re welcome). To host us: Gordon Ramsay, sans temper tantrums.  For sparkling dinner conversation: Alber Elbaz, Tom Ford, Karl Lagerfeld and Choupette, Shakespeare, Chaucer, Albert Einstein, Liz Lemon, Jack Donaghy, the Roman God Mercury (just for his winged sandals), Elmo and Garfield.  For dessert: Johnny Depp, Chris Hemsworth and Adam Levine (self-explanatory).  To catch all the drunken action: Helmut Newton and Nick Knight.

Words to live by… Life’s too short to remove USB safely.

Photo by Nicole Soon


Reader's Comments

  1. LOL Holly Ho you’re amazing !!! A funny girl with fashion sense, I bow to you. Panda eyes: yes. Surfing the internet: yes. Chinese massage: yes. LIZ LEMON AND JACK DONAGHY: YES.

  2. That is my favourite way to wind down from a day too. Nicole & I would like to have Adam Levine at dessert too. =)

  3. Thanks for all the usual lady love my dear Alice!!!

    Erica I’m so glad you agree! Adam Levine is simply divine.

  4. haha she sounds hilarious and I love her outfit here! I think many of us would have to agree that surfing the Internet is a great relaxer, sad as that does sound :p

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