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Girl of the Week: Aimee Laurel

The Style Spy Girl of the Week Aimee Laurel
Aimee Laurel is a Vancouver native who moved to Toronto a year ago to chase her dream job, and she got it. By day, Aimee is a Web Content Coordinator at MuchMusic and on Saturday nights, she is the resident DJ at Mavrik Wine Bar. Aimee also blogs and vlogs, but lately she’s been getting back into drawing and illustrating. In her spare time, Aimee enjoys riding her motorcycle, skateboarding, and is dangerously addicted to waffles. She laughs a lot and drinks way too much coffee – meet Aimee.

Wearing… A Pyrrha pendant necklace from my best friend Sheila, SPEECH Jewelry bread clip necklace from local designer Michael Mercanti, Below The Belt grey tank from the tenth grade, Dolce Vita bleach dyed button up that I stole from Carol of the band Christien Summers, Club Monaco wool and leather jacket, vintage canvas army rucksack from San Francisco, Current/Elliot shredded jeans, Zara monk shoes, and Marc Jacobs carabiner.

My personal style is…The intersection between Clueless, Empire Records, and The Matrix. And not even just the cool parts of The Matrix where Neo is all leather-clad. But also when they’re in the Nebuchadnezzar, and all they got are rags and shredded sweaters.

Style icons… Aaliyah, Gwen Stefani, Kate Lanphear, Spinelli from Recess, and the cast of Empire Records.

Top 3 autumn essentials… Inky black opaque tights, leather motorcycle jacket, and killer Chelsea boots.

Most recent purchase… Fleece lined inky black opaque tights from Ardene.

Makeup bag staples… I’m super simple when it comes to makeup (also I have really sensitive skin), but I always need a mini tub of Vaseline, a bold lip colour, and an eyelash curler.

Going out outfit… I try to keep it simple, and when I’m going out, it’s usually black tights, a plain but well-made dress, a great jacket, and bad-ass shoes.

Favourite accessory… I actually never take off my accessories, so I can’t just name one! I try to wear things that have meaning (and that I can shower in), and so that means my favourites are my Pyrrha necklace from my BFF, the SPEECH bread clip necklace to remind me that I used to have to hustle and only could afford to eat bread, a broken watch stuck on 11:11, a bracelet my mother gave me, a friendship bracelet, and another bracelet with a pendant of a cross my brother gave me.

Favourite local hot spots… Every Saturday night you can find me at Mavrik Wine Bar (676 Queen Street West, Toronto) playing some music, but if I’m not doing that I’m on Ossington at Delux (92 Ossington Avenue). I’m big on brunch and I’m always happy at The Lakeview Diner (1132 Dundas Street West), Starving Artist (582 Lansdowne Avenue), or Smith (553 Church Street). At Smith, ask for James, a handsome man who will set you up right. And whether or not I’m in Vancouver or Toronto, it has to come down to Guu (various locations).

How you take your coffee… Black.

The most random thing in your bag right now… A pink heart-shaped headphone splitter that I use when I DJ. You never know when you want to share your love for *NSYNC’s “Girlfriend” with someone!

Top 3 songs on your iPod… Frank Ocean “Thinkin Bout You”, St. Vincent “The Party”, and Azealia Banks “Van Vogue”.

I can’t live without…The Internet. Sad? Probably.


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