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10 Down Jackets to Keep You Warm All Winter

Last week I told you about my new TNA Bancroft Warmest Parka. I’m now obsessed with finding another down jacket or two to rotate in my closet this winter. A friend of mine said “you will develop a strange attachment to your jacket”. I believe her  – I feel so much safer and of course, warm, when I’m bundled up in a quality jacket. You will especially understand this if you take public transportation and must brave the bus stop wait or walk home from the metro. A quality down jacket is an investment and will cost you, but keeping warm is not an option and they will stay in your closet for years to come. Here are 10 serious down jackets to keep you warm & toasty!

Mackage Kay-B $680

ADD Black Label Coat with Ecological Fur $570, Shopbop

Canada Goose Montebello Park $650

Soia & Kyo Sand $425

North Face Greta $430 CAD

Canada Goose Dawson Parka $750

Mackage Marla $960

ADD Down Jacket $396 CAD, Shopbop

Soia & Kyo Zafina Jacket $350 CAD

North Face Parkina Down Jacket $380

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Reader's Comments

  1. I am obsessed with the Kay-B from Mackage …only 680 dollars short of my savings goal, haha.

  2. My friend has the Kay-B and she’s trying to convince me to buy it. I want to pick-up one more down jacket for winter. I tried her Mackage and ADD jackets and they are SUPER light.

  3. I still love my Esprit puffy jacket. But, the Mackage one is gorgeous~!

  4. do you not like the tna bancroft anymore?

  5. I do! A girl just needs more than one jacket to rotate in her closet. =)

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