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Girl of the Week: Kate Brown

Kate Brown currently works as a model with AWAKEnyc, but one day, she would like to be a writer. Born in Vancouver, Kate has plans to move to Europe eventually. As much as she loves fashion, she’s most passionate about music and literature, and is a huge fan of Bob Dylan. Although, Kate loves all forms of art, she has recently taken up writing and learning the guitar. Francis Ford Coppola once said, “If you sit down at the same time to write everyday, this muse will always know where to find you”, so Kate tries to do just that. She believes that no matter how hard life gets or how many doors close, always believe in yourself and never give up because you choose your own destiny. Meet Kate. .

I’m wearing… I am wearing black skinny pants, a big baggy white Fleetwood Mac t-shirt, a pair of amazing brown leather John Fluevog boots, a gold cross and of course a huge oversized camo coat.

My personal style is… I’ve always sort of marched to the beat of my own drum. I don’t have a certain style and I try to avoid trends of the moment. I’m very inspired by all the old rock n roll women. Anita Pallenberg, Marianne Faithfull, and Kate Moss all have a very rock n roll look and always seem to be coming a little undone yet still remain chic and lady-like. But to be completely honest, I secretly wish I was a boy and could walk around looking like Keith Richards.

Most recent purchase… A lovely warm grey faux fur coat.

Top 3 winter essentials… Thigh high wool socks so you can still rock the little dresses while staying warm. A nice cozy oversized sweater and scarf, and of course a nice pair of leather boots. And considering we live in Vancouver, I guess a warm coat goes without saying.

Must-have beauty product… I like a lot of blush so you always have that instant glow or some good Moroccan oil to keep my locks shiny after I’m done teasing the hell out of it.

Most versatile item in my closet… It depends. I have always gone back to the simple skinny jean, baggy t-shirt, and leather boots look since it never really goes out of style. But a little white mini dress for sure!

Style secret… To be myself and just wear what makes me feel good. If YOU feel good when you walk out the door that’s really all that matters.

Favourite way to unwind from a long day… To come home to a loved one, cuddle up and watch a movie, and eat a good meal with a glass of wine. Either that or just write for hours.

Currently saving up for… I would like to get an old typewriter and a nice acoustic guitar.

I take my tea… Decaf chai tea latte all the time!

Favourite local (Vancouver) hangouts… The Rumpus Room on Main Street is always a good place to stop in for a bite and see some familiar faces – they make a great eggs benny! The infamous old Waldorf hotel is my favorite place to go if I want to hang out, dance and have a good time. Definitely anywhere outdoors, whether it’s sitting in the park with some friends, or going to Wreck Beach in the summer – I just love nature.

Top 3 songs on your iPod playlist… Lana Del Rey – Million Dollar Man, Eric Campbell – Ziggy Bardot, and Elvis Presley – Love Me Tender.

Guilty pleasure… I have too many to count! I guess considering my dislike for cable TV, I’m super obsessed with all these talent reality shows such as X Factor and The Voice.

Photo by Anita Lee


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