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Girl of the Week: Louisa Meng

Louisa Meng is a quirky, ambitious, independent girl who loves expressing herself and sharing that expression with other people. Currently, Louisa is a business student at the University of Washington in Seattle. According to Louisa, if fashion were a man, she would marry him, but if dance were a man, she’d be having an affair. Louisa has been dancing hip hop competitively for almost 4 years now (amazing!) and one day she hopes to start a business that incorporates fashion with dance, music, and entertainment. Meet Louisa.

Wearing… A WESC coat, thrifted top, pants and belt, Pitaya cardigan, Jeffrey Campbell Rosie Cutout combat bots, and a Deena & Ozzy bag.

My personal style is… I always say, I live in the Northwest but I dress like I’m in SoCal where it’s not 40 degrees outside because I like to be adventurous and not restrained by the possibility of hypothermia. If I could sum my style up in two words…sophisticated badass. I love using thrifted vintage pieces (mostly from the 80’s and 90’s) as an accent to an otherwise simple outfit. I’m adamant about the use of different textures – combining fur with lace with sequins with leather with velvet with chiffon, anything goes!

Top 3 winter essentials… Plum lipstick, a pair of combat boots that you love and loves you back, and anything fuzzy!

Must-have beauty product… Lipstick because it can literally transform any outfit and make a statement.

Favourite accessory… Bobby pins – for some one who is trying to grow their hair back after once having super short Rihanna hair – bobby pins are my best friend right now.

How do you take your coffee… Excessively.

Favourite way to spend the weekend…Watching Glee.

Guilty pleasures… Laughing at my own jokes and dating bad boys.

3 things to save from a fire… My phone, my soon-to-be but currently non-existent bulldog puppy, Honey Boo Boo Child, and my boyfriend who’d probably still be sleeping.

Current wish list… A plane ticket to Europe, and access to Rihanna’s closet.

Words to live by… Like in my style, and everything I do, my philosophy is balance. My ultimate goal is to live outside labels or stereotypes and pull inspiration from all spheres to create my own presentation, my own identity.

Photo by Anita Lee

Reader's Comments

  1. I like your blog but i’m so so so tired of seeing Asian (oritental) and blonde hair blue eyed girls. Where is the diversity? Because I know those are not the only people that hang out DT Vancouver or DT toronto.
    Be inclusive, your blog can be so much more. Think Global.

  2. Appreciate the feedback Rami. We definitely keep diversity in mind when shooting the girls, they’re picked based on their personal style. We are currently seeking Girl of the Week photographers in different cities (right now we’ve got Anita who is situated in Vancouver) – to vary up the style (since it does range by city). Thanks for reading.

  3. I agree with Rami.

    I honestly don’t think Vancouver has much of a personal style. In the last week, I’ve seen 3 ladies wearing pj bottoms out and about. It’s either they don’t care how they look and/or they don’t have any style at all.

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