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Card Me! Go Minimal With Sleek Card Cases

I use to carry a large wallet, overstuffed with cards, receipts and randomness. I’ve now opted to be moe sleek and only carry the bare essentials – a credit card, a debit card, my driver’s license and my Metro card. And sometimes a little bit of cash and coins, that’s pretty much it. I’ve been using an old metal card case but am on a mad hunt for the perfect card case.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Q Business Card Case $98 CAD, Revolve Clothing
In “Rock Lobster” this is bold and timeless.

Rebecca Minkoff Metro Card Case $47 CAD, Shopbop
The card case comes in this shade of purple and a neon yellow. Love the polka dot lining. It’s super fun.

Charlie Leather Card Case $29.99 CAD, Herschel
Super sleek with a playful white and red striped lining inside.

Pisciotta Wallet $20 CAD, Little Burgundy
There’s no coin pouch here, but there is a slot for your iPhone.

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Reader's Comments

  1. I have been carrying a card case for years it is just wonderful for cash I have a vintage coin purse and most of the time you are either going to pay cash or by card having 2 separate pieces in my bag has never been a problem. I adore it so much than having a big bulky wallet!

  2. I just started doing the card case the past 6 months and then you realize, did I really need that many cards and such a big wallet? Ideally I want a card case with a coin purse, but I do like the sleekness of a card case and the coin purse would kind of defeat that.

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