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Girl of the Week

Girl of the Week: Czarina Carino

Meet Czarina Carino

Occupation: Currently working at Topshop and taking the Fashion Design Program at LaSalle College.

Hometown: Manila, Philippines, currently residing in Vancouver

Find me at: My blog & Instagram.

I’m wearing… A vintage blazer, Truly Madly Deeply muscle tee, All Saints metallic pants, Nike Free Advantage shoes, Alexander Wang bag, and a Tiffany’s necklace.

My personal style… It depends on my mood. It changes all the time. I tend to dress more comfortably at work but when I’m not working, you’ll usually see me in killer heels and a leather motorcycle jacket.

Most recent purchase… Bose speakers for my Dad’s birthday a week after New Year’s.

Wardrobe staples… A leather jacket for sure, disco pants from American Apparel and a statement necklace.

Must-have beauty product… I’m really loving Sublimage La Crème Texture Fine from Chanel. My face never gets dry with it on.

I feel most comfortable in… My Isabel Marant sneakers.

Signature scent… I don’t wear perfume but my favourite scent is my boyfriend’s Bleu De Chanel.

3 must-have items all year round… Anything with leopard print, white jeans and an open-back bodysuit.

Favourite way to unwind from a long day… I usually pig out and don’t care about how many calories I’m consuming.

I can never say no to… Snowboarding! I’m actually very adventurous. I like being on the slopes and skydiving is kind of my thing.

Next travel destination… Hawaii for my boyfriend’s birthday in April.

Favourite movie… I have so many favourite movies, but one of them would have to be Cry Baby.

I never leave the house without… My lipstick on even if I just need to get groceries.

Photo by Ishra Sharif

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