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Hint of Gold: Metallic Shoe Accents

For providing such a singular function, it’s pretty crazy the amount of ways that shoes can vary. My new favourite shoe trend? Metallic accents. They’re super eye-catching and add a bit of edge to any shoe they’re put on: from loafers to combat boots, and everything else in between. Here are my favourite shoes with just the perfect hint of metallic.

Aldo FroandeFroande, $69.99 CAD, Aldo

Palette Premium Met Boots at TOPSHOP

Palette Premium Met Boots, $206.41 CAD, TOPSHOP

Little Burgundy Adyson BootsAdyson Boots, $200 CAD, Little Burgundy

Dolce Vita Colburn at Little Burgundy

Dolce Vita Colburn Loafer Flats, $48.99 CAD, Little Burgundy


Metal Trim Oxfords at Forever 21Metal Trim Oxfords, $29.99 CAD, Forever 21


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