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Girl of the Week: Marta Djordjevic

Marta Djordjevic is an English major at Langara College and a part-time server at Vicino Pastaria. In her spare time, Marta enjoys writing and is currently working on a novel, which she hopes to be done by November. She also runs a fashion blog and would like to find more time in the New Year to work on it. Aside from writing, music is a huge part of Marta’s life and she loves going to concerts and expanding her personal vinyl collection. Meet Marta.

Wearing… A beanie from American Apparel, jeans from H&M, a top I bought online on, boots from Aldo, and a jacket that was a gift my grandparents bought for me in Italy.

My personal style is… I would say my style is currently a mix of girly with a bit of a grunge-y twist. I change my style all the time, though.

First memorable fashion purchase… I found an adorable pair of vintage Tods at a thrift store this summer for beyond cheap. It took me a few moments to grasp how insanely lucky this steal was.

3 items in your makeup bag… My MAC lipstick in Pink Plaid is always on me, as is my eyelash curler and Lancôme Hypnose mascara.

One thing every girl should have… A go-to hat or beanie for bad hair days that cannot be fixed otherwise.

Favourite style icons… I think I can safely say I really don’t have a famous style icon. I find myself extremely inspired by people I see on the streets and concerts I go to.

Most versatile item in your closet… I would say this jacket that I’m wearing in the photo. I love that I can wear it for more classy events, but also it’s perfect to just throw on with a pair of jeans.

The most random thing in your bag right now… A USB drive. I think I was transferring photos to a friend.

How do you take your tea…I take my tea as is and I’m definitely more of a tea drinker because there are endless flavours.

Your ideal Friday night…Grabbing a bite to eat and maybe a few drinks with some friends, and then going to a fun concert afterwards.

5 things you can’t live without… My phone, a watch, my iPod, my extensive tea collection, and gum. I obsessively chew gum.

Favourite quote…”The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you figure out why.” – Mark Twain

Photo by Anita Lee

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