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Girl of the Week: Natalie Huyen

Natalie Huyen is a senior at the University of Washington who currently works at Zebra Club. She will be graduating with a Communications degree and has hopes of working in entertainment broadcasting. Natalie’s passion stems from her interests in music and fashion. In her spare time, Natalie enjoys finding new music and artists to share with her friends. Not only does she listen to the music, but she fully supports the artists by going to shows and events. Meet Natalie.

Wearing… New look Jacket, H&M Sweater, H&M two toned pleather pants, Sam Edelman Pax bootie, and an Urban Outfitters bag.

Your personal style is… Simple and edgy. I like to add edge with my outfits through my shoes or jewelry. I tend to wear black, white, and gold, but I also have some shirts with cool prints or graphics as well. I also have a couple of men’s shirts that I like to work into my reserve.

Best Christmas gift received this year… A black Beekman sweater from Aritzia.

3 items in your makeup bag… Mascara, chapstick, and blush. Chapstick is a must.

Winter essentials… A motorcycle style jacket, cute boots, and a comfy loose sweater!

Weekend wardrobe… Ankle boots, a motorcycle jacket, throw on a shirt and some pants, accessorized with some gold accessories.

Take Your Coffee… I usually get a soy peppermint latte, and I like it really hot.

Most random thing in your bag right now… Old Spice Fresh Blast deodorant. I use it because I love the smell of it.

Fave movie… 500 Days of Summer

Guilty pleasure… Dancing in my room!

New Year’s resolutions… Since I’ll be turning 21 and graduating this new year, I’m just looking forward to the adventures I’ll be having.

Dream vacation… I have always wanted to explore New York!

Photo by Anita Lee

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