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Girl of the Week: Alanah Wiseman

GOTW - Alanah Wiseman (photo by Rose Wong)Occupation: Part-time sales associate at Steve Madden and full-time fashion marketing student at LaSalle College in Montreal.

Find me at: Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr

Wearing… My mom’s old sweater, Kenneth Cole pants, BCBG necklace, and boots from a really old warehouse sale.

My personal style is… Eclectic and fun. I like mixing and matching absolutely everything I own. My style is bold and definitely varies from day to day.

Tea or coffee? I am a green tea person…or earl grey. Currently working on staying low on the caffeine. Starbucks is getting expensive!

Makeup bag staples… Blush and mascara; that’s all a girl really needs.

Winter essentials… Scarves, scarves, scarves – all you need is a scarf with everything!

Most prized possession… A ring I bought in Ireland. It is called a Claddagh ring and it’s a traditional Irish ring that represents friendship, love and loyalty.

Favourite local shops… Winners; you can find everything there! By far, my favorite is Village des Valeurs, you’d be surprised the kind of the treasures you can find there.

Style inspiration… Nicole Richie, Kelly Osbourne, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Leandra Medine.

Favourite accessory… Jewellery, I’ve always got too much on.

Guilty pleasure… Eating Nutella with a spoon.

Top 3 songs on my iPod playlist… U2 – The Sweetest Thing, Icona Pop – We Got The World, and Robyn – Hang With Me.

My ideal Friday night is… A good gym session before the weekend.

The most random thing in my bag right now… A sports bra and hair dye, you never know when you will need them.

Currently saving up for… A trip to Australia this summer to visit a boy I have a crush on.

Photo by Rose Wong


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