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Back to Basics: Black & White Outfit Inspiration

There’s something so easy and classic about wearing nothing but black and white from head to toe. I have a friend whose entire wardrobe is achromatic and while I could never make that kind of commitment, I’m certainly not opposed to trying it out for a day or two. Here are eight outfits for eight very different girls who prove that sometimes it really is just black and white.

Black&White-Outfit1Outfit 1 –  The Bohemian
1. Staring At Stars Array Cardigan, Approx $69.95 CAD, Urban Outfitters
2. Dress, $17.95 CAD, H&M
3. Boots, $39.95, H&M


Outfit 2 – The Troublemaker

1. Cambridge Cream Knit, $67.82 CAD, Nasty Gal
2. Leather Effect Shorts, $59,90 CAD, Zara
3. Punch Harness Boot, $217.43 CAD, Nasty Gal

Black&White-Outfit3 Outfit 3 – The Minimalist
1. Belted Jacquard Top, $69.90 CAD, Zara
2. Trousers, $39.95 CAD, H&M
3. Sandals, $59.95 CAD, H&M

Black&White-Outfit4 Outfit 4 – The Athlete
1. Replay Mesh Tank, $37.90 CAD, Nasty Gal
2. Sparkle & Fade Faux Leather Pull-On Pant, Approx $59 CAD, Urban Outfitters
3. Bag, $49.95 CAD, H&M
4. Shoes, $29.95 CAD, H&M

Black&White-Outfit5Outfit 5 – The Thrillseeker
1. Sheer Tail Tee, $37.90 CAD, Nasty Gal
2. Trousers, $24.95 CAD, H&M
3. Ankle Boot with Detail, $199 CAD, Zara

Black&White-Outfit6Outfit 6 – The Fashionista
1. Sleeveless Crop Roll Neck Top, $43.71 CAD, TOPSHOP
2. Printed Short Coat, $159 CAD, Zara
3. Slim Regular Jeans, $34.95 CAD, H&M
4. Ballet Pumps, $14.95 CAD, H&M

Black&White-Outfit7Outfit 7 – The Girly Girl
1. Jumper, $69.95 CAD, H&M
2. Varsity Moto Skirt, $77.80 CAD, Nasty Gal
3. Shoes, $59.95 CAD, H&M


Outfit 8 – The Vixen
1. TOPSHOP Black White Print Bodycon Dress,$70 CAD, The Bay
2. Court Shoe with Ankle Strap, $99.90 CAD, Zara
3. Quilted City Bag, $99.90 CAD,  Zara

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Reader's Comments

  1. I want those H&M trouser pants (outfit with the sneaks) and the Nasty Gal moto skirt. Nice looks Roya!

  2. love outfit 3!! can’t believe those pants and leggings are H&M!

  3. Great picks! I pretty much want everything here.

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