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Girl of the Week: Ariella Starkman

Occupation…Student, writer at Leacocks Magazine, and blogger at the Curious Cult.

Spotted In… Montreal

Hometown… Toronto

Find me at… Curious Cult, my Tumblr and on Twitter.

Wearing… Doc Marten creepers, MINKPINK leather shorts, Alexander Wang waffle long sleeve, BDG plaid shirt, vintage taffeta bomber, Forever 21 necklace and Zara bag.

My personal style is… A mix! I can wear leather, lace, high heels, combat boots, jean cut offs, or girly maxi dresses. I’ll put on an outfit that fits my mood. Some days it’ll be a combination of edgy and urban. Some days it’s all Clueless everything, and I’ve left the house as a bigger prep than Cher herself. I guess my style is eclectic and tends to gravitate towards however I’m feeling.

Early riser or a night owl?… Night owl – the fun starts when the sun goes down, right? But really, I’m a bit of both. There really aren’t enough hours of daylight for all of the thoughts I want to think, the people I want to see, and the things I want to do.

Most recent purchase… Vintage fur jacket from a flea market in Vienna, to replace one that was accidentally lit on fire! And black Frye Harness boots. They are so incredibly bad-ass. And I’ll have both items forever. I’m trying to cut out impulse purchases and buy for the long-term.

Must-have beauty product… Recently I discovered Sabon Rose Water scrub made out of natural sea salt from the Dead Sea. I use it once a week in the shower and I swear it makes my skin softer than silk. I’m pretty puzzled as to how it just works so well, but I’ve stopped asking questions. Also Neutrogena SPF 15 face cream is my go-to. Without it, I’d look and feel dryer than a fish out of water.

Favourite local shops (in Montreal)… Heritage/Inheritance Shop, Annex Vintage, Off The Hook, Lost & Found Vintage and The Salvation Army.

Style secret… Trust yourself. When I get up in the morning, I get dressed based on how I’m feeling that day or what outfit I can see myself in. If I’m gravitating towards wearing a certain piece of clothing or a certain ‘look’ then I go with it. Style is only present when you’re confident in what you’re wearing.

3 items in my bag… Smith’s Mint Rosebud Salve, my SLR camera, and my leather Moleskine journal.

I feel most comfortable in… A loose black tee, black leather pants, and high-top Converse shoes. All black everything.

5 things you can’t live without… My watch, my iPod, my Moleskine journals (one for writing, one daily planner), Italian lace bras, and Booster Juice on a hangover morning.

Drink of choice… White Russian…day or night. And grapefruit Perrier.

Favourite dessert… Chocolate anything. Or cupcakes. Girls love cupcakes.

Words to live by… ”To love oneself is the beginning of a life long romance” – Oscar Wilde, “Life is far too important a thing to ever talk seriously about.” – Oscar Wilde and “All I know is that I know nothing.” – Socrates.

Photo by Ben Schreiber


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