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Getting Married? Meet Colicot Couturier’s Bespoke Bridesmaid Dresses


Let’s face it, no woman is shaped exactly alike and settling for a mass-produced chiffon frock for any special occasion can be unforgiving. Cue in Colicot Couturier, a local made-to-order dress label, focusing on a bespoke bridesmaid dresses tailored individually to each girl. Founder and designer, Katy Flynn creates breezy, flirty numbers in an array of styles, which is great because mismatching bridal parties are so on trend right now (cut, colour and fabric is your choice upon ordering.) The best news? These numbers aren’t limited to bridal wear. You will want to wear her cocktail frocks for graduation, cocktail parties, an anniversary/engagement or birthday. Flynn’s bespoke designs make a personal impression, appeasing even her pickiest customers. Added bonus: you don’t have to pay hefty fees for alterations – the ordering price is all-inclusive. I had a chance to catch up with Colicot’s designer in the peak of wedding season to hear about her Vancouver-based label.



What inspired you to start Colicot? Why bridesmaid dresses?
The wheels started turning around Remembrance Day while staring at a poppy, or coquelicot in French. I had been asked over the years to make bridesmaid dresses but hadn’t really thought much of it until my friends started relaying horror stories of having to buy standard and have them aggressively altered or buying inexpensive dresses that end up falling apart as the night progresses. I wondered if there was a way to avoid these alterations and not only make good quality dresses, but styles that you’d want to wear again! Colicot is all about customization- not only do you get the perfect design, colour, and fabric, the dresses are also made-to-measure.

What trends are you seeing this season for bridal parties? Any specific colour palettes or silhouettes?
This summer we’re seeing a lot asymmetrical dresses such as one-shoulder or hi-lo skirts. These styles are more playful than traditional bridesmaid styles such as sweetheart necklines or A-line skirts. Another big trend we’re seeing is mismatched dresses- this is great because the bridesmaid can choose a style that flatters her body type. In terms of colour pastels are still dominate but there’s also trend towards bold hues such as fuchsia and other jewel tones.



What signature touches do you add to keep your designs unique and special?
Our designs are the product of working closely with our clients to bring their vision to life. All of our dresses are beautifully constructed with special attention to detail and made with fabrics that are locally sourced in the client’s choice of colour.

You’re getting married soon. Where do you find ideas and inspiration for your own wedding?
I’m obsessed with Pinterest! I’m all about visuals and having an idea board is the best way to communicate the overall look and feel of the event. There are so many great ideas out there and you can mix them with personal touches to make the day extra special.

Describe your brand in five words.
Custom: design, fabric, colour, made-to-measure

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