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My ‘Extra Five Minutes’ Beauty Tricks and Hacks

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I’m pretty low maintenance with my daily makeup. Most weekdays I employ the Jeremy Renner rule of “brows, lashes, lips.” But when the weekend comes, and I’m going out, I relish in the girl ritual of spending as much time as possible slowly putting together a look. Besides the usual suspects (elaborate blowout, contouring), here are a few of my favourite little beauty hacks for when you’ve got some extra time.

beautyplumper2Homemade Lip Plumper… I am addicted to lip plumper. I’ve used all the brands, low and high end, but I’ve never come across something that works as well as this natural method. While you’re getting ready, spread a little honey on your lips, and coat them in cayenne pepper.  Try not to eat it (so hot!) and leave the concoction on until your lips are burning. I’d say wait five minutes and then wipe off with a warm washcloth and liberally apply the gloss (or more plumper, if you’re insane like me).
blowdrylashBlowdry your eyelash curler… This one can be a little dangerous, but works great if you don’t accidentally sear your lashes off. Before applying your lash curler, blowdry it for about 10 seconds (try on low if you’re nervous about the heat). Curl and hold for another 10 seconds for Superwoman lashes.

Ratchet teeth whitener… A quick way to shine up your teeth before heading out. Grab a ¼ cup of baking soda and juice from half a lemon. Mix and apply with a Q-tip. Leave on for a minute, then brush teeth and rinse. There won’t be a massive difference, but it’ll get some surface stains off, and give them an extra clean before your night out.

Hairspray your bobby pins… Did you know that bobby pins are supposed to go in your hair wiggly side down? I didn’t. So that’s one thing I can do to keep them falling out of my hair. Another thing is hairspray. Before you stick in your pins, lay them down in a paper towel, spray the daylights out of them, shake them around in the towel, and then put them in your hair. The spray will keep them in place longer.
beautylinerScotch Tape Liner… I’m terrible at cat eyes (or puppy eyes, which I’m more into these days). Liquid liner is my beauty nemesis. I’ve started using scotch tape to help keep me liner even. Tape some pieces on the corner of your eyes, just under where you want your liner to go. It’s almost like a stencil. Apply your liner and then peel off the tape for a sharp line.


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  1. Cayenne and honey here I come!

  2. @Leah I’m doing it right now actually. FEEL THE BURN.

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