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My #FiestaMoments: Moving Into My New Place

Last year, I decided to move cities and ended up living in more than a few places (five places in the past 16 months to be exact). After living like a nomad, I decided it was time to find a permanent place. A place that I could finally make into my dream home. You know, like the one you’ve been pinning on that Pinterest board of yours. Well, it’s happening and I couldn’t be more excited. I jumped into my Fiesta to zip me around town as I prep for my new place.

moving-in-7In addition to Pinterest, I love flipping through design books. Some favourite things for the new home: mood lighting, comfy sofas, timber floor, affordable art and mixing old and new. For affordable art, I love Society6 and Etsy. Scoop up a great print that fits your home and custom frame to your liking.

moving-in-3With my paperwork all signed and the serious business done (insurance, home inspection, booking cable & internet) – it’s time to do the fun part of a new home: furniture shopping and decorating! My Pinterest board consists of a colour scheme of white, grey and black. Day 1 in my Ford Fiesta. I’m using the SYNC with MyFord Touch – voice recognition technology that helps me make hands-free calls, play my favourite playlists and search directions.

moving-in-1I’ve said this before, but no day begins without a cup of coffee. My essentials are tucked away in my purse, measuring tape, mini-notepad and pen to mark down measurements and make notes as I shop.

moving-in-8My walls are a basic off-white, trying to decide if I should paint an accent wall in my living room to give it a focal point. So many choices to pick from!

moving-in-2Starting off with the major items for the home – the sofa. My apartment isn’t super big, so I’m being mindful of sofa sizes. A trick to deciding if a sofa will work in your space, tape off the sofa size with masking tape on your floor, this will help you decide if it’s too big or too small. Also if you’re customizing the fabric, borrow fabric samples from the store to see how the fabrics look in your home and under different lighting.

moving-in-4When I do have free time, I love cooking in the kitchen. Cooking blogs that I’m obsessed with, Manger (French cooking from Mimi Thorisson – she lives in Medoc, France with her beautiful family) and I am a Food Blog (run by an awesome Vancouver gal named Steph). So a nice dining area is a must for my new home – since my friends and I will be feasting. This pendant lamp is tops on my list at the moment for the dinner table.

moving-in-6jpgDay 2 begins with officially getting my house keys. So excited!

fiesta-momentLoading the Ford Fiesta with boxes. The back seats fold down easily, making ample room for boxes of clothes, shoes, kitchenware and more shoes.

moving-in-11My very first car was a sleek little sports car, which was THE worst for moving things. One of my favourite features of the hatchback Ford Fiesta is the roominess even in a compact car. You may wonder if a car like this has ample power – I can attest, the 1.6L, 16-valve engine makes this car super peppy. It actually reminds me of driving a sports car, but with better gas mileage and more room (it seats 5 comfortably).

moving-in-11Here’s to making a lot of memories in apartment 204!

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  1. Really obvious advertisement. Very disappointing.

  2. So what city are you in then? Ford must be one of your sponsors. Or else you’re just insanely enthusiastic!

  3. Yes – Ford is one of our sponsors – the post is tagged a sponsored post. We sometimes work with brands that we see as a fit with The Style Spy. Hope you enjoyed the post!

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