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On Your Way to Your Dream Job: 1Milk2Sugars Share the Best Professional Advice They’ve Ever Received

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Last week we learned about their style, this week the team at the public relations firm 1Milk2Sugars share their best professional advice, inspiration to help take you to the next level.

What’s the best professional advice you’ve ever received?

Priya Chopra, President & Founder:
I got this advice when I was 15 and I still remember it, being proactive. Somebody has told me at my first job,’you’re pro-action got you this job’, and that’s something I carry with me still. It’s such a simple skill can make all the difference. Moving on things and not wasting a second. I believe if you want something, you have to go get it. No one is going to hand things to you. It’s something in life that’s super important, like with my kids, I don’t want to give them everything, I want them to get it. You have to work for everything in life and I really value hard work and pro-action is tied within that.

Na’eem Adam, Vice President of Business Development & Strategy
Maximize the specialties and capabilities of certain people while filling the gaps with people who specialize in those fields. For example, somebody who is really good at marketing, have them excel at that, don’t make them do technological stuff or accounting things, find an accountant to do the accounting part. Everyone has a role and you should maximize their specialties.

Maxine Viezel-Mathieu, Account Coordinator:
I think it was my mother. She’s always told me, ‘never think you are entitled or too good to do any job’. So basically always trying to keep my humble and know where I came from and know my roots and never feel too big for my bridges. Never think you’re too good for the job, even if the job includes cleaning the bathrooms or sweeping the floors, or getting coffee for someone. Everyone starts somewhere, don’t think your first job or first few jobs are going to be your absolute dream job and it’s going to be all cushy and lovely cause it’s most likely not going to be. That was the best advice I was ever given.

Tanner 2Tanner  Stanley

Tanner Stanley, Online Community Manager:
One thing Priya has told me, the importance of being 100% committed to what you’re doing. Really have your eyes on the ball and immersing yourself in whatever you’re working on. It’s not about being here from 9-5 or doing your job when it’s convenient for you, it’s getting into the whole experience which I think is really important. It helps you focus.

Erinn Blicher, Senior Account Manager:
That’s a tough question, I could say two. One was from an internship at New York at 5WPR and the CEO does a lunch with the interns. And something that he said to all of us at the time was, you have to go into an interview and check out your surroundings and see if you can see yourself there. That’s really stuck with me, because you know, over the years when I went on to interviews and a job can look super good on paper you have to be able to really feel yourself in that environment because you’ll be there a lot. Also something Priya has been pushing forward a lot lately is that you never know until you ask. Which is probably good life advice rather than work and professional advice. Also something my dad has told me my whole life. It’s true.

Sophie Marsolais, Public Relations Intern:
When I graduated from Bishop University and I moved back to Montreal last summer and I was looking for jobs and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and I met with a woman who my cousin knew. She asked me ‘do you have your elevator pitch ready?’ I wasn’t even sure what that was. Then she told me it’s my 60 second speech to sell yourself. I think even if you don’t necessarily have your pitch prepared right away, it’s a good way to help condense everything that you want to say about yourself really quickly. It helped me think what were the most important things I want to get across when I’m going to an interview or looking for jobs online, the things you really want to focus on.

What skill or habit do you think is vital for success?

Skills and habits, that’s two similar but kind of different kinds of things. Being organized is really important, it’s one of those underrated skills. I always have my to-do lists and paper agenda. As a habit, in a day you probably have a hundred things to do that are not achievable in a day, but I have priorities that have to be done that day, it’s vital to propel the business forward. Whether it’s personal or business side, I really organize myself with those lists. At home I have a blackboard wallpaper. A to-do list is a really good habit. You have to be proactive, look months ahead, planning the next project so we’re not racing to the finish line, we pace ourselves and we feel good about it.

In everything that I’ve done has been passion. It’s always been passion. For the product, or the campaign itself, for creating it, for developing strategy, social media, for whatever. As long as there’s passion driving me, it keeps someone going.

Being friendly and personable has gotten me pretty far because it’s very easy and especially in industries like fashion and beauty to develop an attitude or diva attitude in particular, so again staying humble and it takes just as much energy to be friendly to someone as it is to be rude.

NataliaNatalia Scullion 

Natalia Scullion, Social Media Coordinator
I’ve always been the type of person who pushes myself to do better, that’s always been motivating. I’m super motivated to do better than I have because for me to step outside of what I’m comfortable is exciting so I feel that’s a skill that I’ll bring with me for the rest of my life and my career. I think it’s super important to push yourself to new limits and see where that takes you.

It’s always been having that energy and spunk cause at the end of the day, you’ll get a lot of people from a lot of positions, or careers, or industries and you have to figure out what separates yourself from the rest of the crowd. Everyone is hardworking, everyone wants to do their best. Everyone will try to be organized and ambitious but for me it’s that little bit of personality, that spunk, that flare, that will separate you, that will make people want to work with you, or remember you because you’re different, unique, fun. It’s that energy and vibe that you give off.

Lara Tobin, Senior Account Manager:
Being able to multitask. PR people are a special bunch, being able to multitask is the number one key to success in this industry. There’s a lot going on and truly it sounds cliche but everyday is different so being able to roll with the punches quickly and knowing the thousands of things going on, being able to switch quickly.

Confidence. Confidence in your ideas. Confidence in the way you speak to people. Confidence in how you present yourself and that doesn’t necessary mean you should be a know-it-all, I think it’s just about confidence and having confidence and I don’t think that doesn’t mean you can’t ask questions or not know things. It’s just about the way you put yourself forward that really makes a difference. In this business of PR, it’s definitely efficiency, being quick, being able to turn things around, answer questions fast, get back to media, get back to clients.

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