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Wax On, Wax Off: How To Wear Coated Denim

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Whether you’ve admired them on Miranda Kerr or your current girl-crush, waxed denim (also known as coated denim) is a look many of us covet. However, if you have been keeping a tally, you’ve probably seen it worn badly just as many times as you’ve seen it pulled off flawlessly. Waxed denim has the same casual coolness of regular jeans with the added texture of leather – in other words, they’re the best of two very fashion savvy worlds. So what’s the trick? How do some girls make waxed denim look effortlessly chic, while others just look like they’re trying too hard? While waxed denim can be worn almost any way you would wear jeans and can be dressed up or down, the real trick to rocking the look is finding the right pair for you.

Here are some useful things to keep in mind if you’re thinking about trying waxed denim.

Colour… Waxed denim comes in a variety of colours, including some beautiful oxbloods, deep greens and rich blues. That being said, if you’re feeling lost in the sea of choices, opt for classic black.

Fit… Make sure your jeans fit well – unlike regular jeans, waxed denim doesn’t stretch out and they won’t break in and lose shape. For this reason they tend to wear well over time, but it also means they won’t fit you like a glove unless you buy them that way.

Comfort… Because these jeans don’t have as much give as normal jeans, it’s important that you test sitting/moving/bending over in them before you buy them! Some of the coated fabrics can be quite stiff and uncomfortable. Choose something you won’t hate wearing!

Sheen… Since this trend is here to stay, we’ve seen it pop up in both value-priced and high-end stores. While you may be able to snag a great deal on these jeans, keep in mind that lower quality waxed denim can sometimes be awfully shiny – which looks more Saturday Night Fever than luxury leather.

Pay Attention To The Label… Even if premium denim is your go to when it comes to jeans, it might be worth taking a second look at that label. Some waxed jeans need to be dry-cleaned while others can simply be washed inside out. Something to keep in mind if dry-cleaning isn’t in your budget!

Here are a few great waxed denim options at various price points.

Zara Coated 5-pocket jeansCoated 5-Pocket Jeans, $59.90 CAD, ZARA

TwiggyJames Twiggy Coated Auburn, approx $219 CAD, James Jeans

TOPSHOP Moto Black Coated Joni JeansTOPSHOP Moto Black Coated Joni Jeans 30 Inch, $75 CAD, Hudson’s Bay

H&M Skinny High JeggingsSkinny High Jeggings, $29.95 CAD, H&M

joe freshUltra Slim Waxed Jean, $59 CAD, Joe Fresh

The Castings Mid Rise SkinnyThe Castings Mid Rise Skinny, $185 CAD, Aritzia

Citizens Rocket Highrise Leatherette in BlackRocket Highrise Leatherette in Black, approx $283 CAD, Citizens of Humanity

James Twiggy Racer Black EnamelJames Twiggy Racer Black Enamel, approx $245 CAD, James Jeans


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