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10 Clothing Care Hacks To Try Today

baking sodaPhoto via Kathleen Kamphausen

Taking care of your beautiful wardrobe really shouldn’t be that difficult. How hard is it to provide your clothing with a little TLC? Well for the average girl, it’s harder than you’d expect! We all have the best intentions, but before every now and then you realize you’ve ruined that new shirt by letting the wine stain set, forgotten to stop that run in your stockings, or shrunk that skirt because you forget it’s special care instructions.

Well after pouring over countless articles and galleries, I’ve put together the ten easiest (and most useful) clothing care hacks I could find. And yes, they really work!

1. We all know the age-old trick of putting clear nail polish on a run in your tights to keep it from spreading, but did you know you can prevent runs by spraying a light coat of hairspray on your tights before you wear them?

2. If you sense your shirt may get sweat stains over time, spray the offending areas with lemon juice before you wash them.

3. Use a dry-erase marker to leave yourself notes on your dryer about which clothes need to be hung or laid out to dry.

4. Shrink a shirt by accident? Try soaking it in warm water and hair conditioner and then stretch it back to size.

5. Who hasn’t spilled coffee all over themselves in a tired haze? Use a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to get the java out of your clothes.

6. Oil is without a doubt one of the most annoying offenders in terms of stains! Try using baby powder to soak it right up.

7. Another useful oil removing tip is to use a gentle dishwashing liquid soap to remove stains from delicate clothing.

8. If you have a button that you know is going to fall off, use clear nail polish over your loose thread to temporarily stop it from unraveling.

9. To combat smelly workout shoes, try using a little bit of baking soda in your sneakers after your gym session to soak up sweat and eliminate odor.

10. If you scratch up your new soft leather jacket, pants or bag, rub a little moisturizer on it to restore – good as new!

Do you have any clothing care tips that you live by? Let us know in the comments!

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Reader's Comments

  1. baking soda is good for shoes but it sometimes spills out and makes a mess on fancy clothes.
    Try a dryer sheet in all your shoes if you have smelly feet. They absorb moisture, smell great and and can easily be hidden in shoes. They also keep the inside of the shoe stay fresher, longer.

  2. Thanks for the tip Carol.

  3. A white eraser works magic on suede. I got a nasty black grease stain on my brand new Cole Haan suede shoes the first time I wore them on the sky train. It took some time, but a white eraser made it almost disappear. It works well to remove water marks too!

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