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Inside My Bag: Beauty Travel Essentials


Figuring out what beauty products to pack when you’re travelling can be a challenge. You really don’t want to skip anything you use on a daily basis and you also want to pack options like multiple lipstick colours. Once you’re at your destination, it’s time to pack that little beauty bag you carry around with you all day. I snuck a snapshot of what was inside my bag as I roamed the streets of Todos Santos, Mexico this past week.

1. Skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 44 CAD
I’ve been using this SPF for about two years on the recommendation of my dermatologist. It’s a non-chemical sunscreen, with a slight tint – so if you can skip foundation for lighter coverage, cause you don’t want to be fully made up at the beach. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t feel greasy or heavy. Texture if key for me. Don’t forget to reapply later in the day or after a drip in the water.

2. Lise Watier Eyebrow Essentials $25, Shoppers Drug Mart
You know you’re good friends when they tell you your eyebrow shade is not working. Off I went to Shoppers Drug Mart to find the right shade and I’ve been using this Lise Watier Eyebrow Essentials palette and noticed a big difference! The duo palette comes with a tiny tweezer and brush, which worked out perfectly after I lost the angle brush I typically use with this palette (losing something while travelling is inevitable right).

3. EOS Visibly Soft Lip Balm, Shoppers Drug Mart
I’m a bit lazy when it comes to applying lip balm. Having to swipe both the top lip and bottom lip feels like a lot of work for me (yup, it’s true). That’s one of the reason I’m a fan of the EOS lip balms, shaped like a sphere, you can easily apply top to bottom in one go. Loaded with shea butter and vitamin E, the formula is also moisturizing.

4. EOS Hand Lotion Approx $3, Shoppers Drug Mart
My hands get very dry. This is the perfect size for travel. The lotion dries quickly, doesn’t leave a residue and most importantly, leaves my hands soft. I have this in a few scents (berry blossom, fresh flowers), but am currently using the cucumber, it’s a light fresh scent, not too overpowering.

5. Make Up For Ever HD Pressed Powder $41 CAD, Sephora
I’ve mentioned this powder on a few occasions, it’s a finishing powder that sets your makeup without being too cakey. It doesn’t include an applicator, so you’ll need to carry a brush. But it’s still a much easier application (less messy) than the original loose powder formula. I just have to remind myself to be SUPER careful, I dropped an almost new powder on my apartment floor not too long ago. It still haunts me.

6. Make Up For Ever Graphic Liner $29 CAD, Sephora 
I pared down my usual makeup routine some days by going sans foundation, but going totally makeup-less makes me feel a bit naked. The winged tipped lined eyes are a daily do. I mentioned this new graphic liner from Make Up For Ever earlier in the year. Despite the hotter temps, the liner lasted pretty well throughout the day. I did carry it though, you never know when your liner might smudge and you’re in need of a quick touch-up.

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