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Stylish Glasses For Every Face Shape

Stylish Glasses for every face shapeI got my first pair of glasses when I was in grade 6. An unwanted necessity I immediately rid myself of when I was old enough to graduate to contacts. But since my pre-teen years, glasses have made a radical shift into mainstream fashion and have evolved from nerdy essential to stylish accessory! From bright colors and geometric shapes, to translucent crystals and chunky tortoiseshells, today’s glasses are designed to attract attention rather than to deflect it. A stylish pair of glasses can also play-up certain elements of an outfit and really add to an overall look.

But how to find the right pair? There are many factors to consider when selecting a pair of glasses but the easiest way is to shop based on your face shape. There are four basic face shapes: round, square, heart and oval. If you don’t know your face shape, take this handy-dandy quiz. If you do, scroll to your face shape below for some tips on how to select the perfect pair.

Phillip Lim (Round)ROUND… 3.1 Phillip Lim Corgin Navy Plaid, $99 CAD, Clearly Contacts – If you have a round face shape, focus on adding contrast by selecting glasses with prints, bright colors, brow detailing and other embellishments.

Kam Dhillon (Square)SQUARE… Kam Dhillon 3068 Cathi Crystal, $89 CAD, Clearly Contacts – If you have a square face shape, choose glasses with curvy lines such as rounded and up-swept frames. Glasses that are wider than they are deep also compliment this face shape.

Michael Kors (Heart)HEART… Michael Kors MK835 212 Nude, $149 CAD, Clearly Contacts – If you have a heart-shaped face, choose frames that broaden your chin and minimize the width of your forehead. Large cat-eye frames are ideal as well as deep, square frames.

Derek Cardigan (Oval)OVAL… Derek Cardigan 7011 Brown Tortoiseshell, $119 CAD, Clearly Contacts –  If you have an oval face shape, look for frames that will maintain your natural facial proportions. Glasses with detailed embellishments look great on this face shape.

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