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How To Choose The Right Bra & Bottoms For The Curvy Girl

Bras for Curvy Girls

Shopping for bras and panties is never easy, especially for curvier girls. There’s so much to consider, from comfort to fit to style and price. We hunted down an expert to help us! Triumph’s professional bra fitter Melissa Pizzardi gave us five useful tips to help curvier girls find their perfect fitting bra and bottom – one that will make you look and feel good all day long.

1. More support, please
If you’re looking for more support for the girls, keep a lookout for thicker straps and a wider band with more hooks. Three band hooks or more will help to keep your bust in line, and the thicker straps will provide leverage for the girls.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 7.51.29 PM

Triumph Amourette 300 Underwire Bra $62 CAD, The Bay

2. Soft cups, yes you can!
Many full-busted women shy away from soft cups (no padding), because they feel that they don’t offer the support needed. If the bra is supported with an underwire, soft cups actually look fantastic on a full-bust because it enhances the beautiful, natural shape of your bust. Try Triumph’s Amourette 300 Underwire Bra ($62 CAD, The Bay) – a full-coverage bra designed with European stretch galloon lace. The decorate lace provides a sensual all-day comfort, while the underwire provides full support.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 8.44.49 PM

Triumph Amourette Lace Panties $28 CAD, The Bay

3. High-waisted panties
High-waisted panties are a women’s best friend. Triumph’s shapewear collection includes high-waisted panties designed with innovative fabric to create an enviable waistline and offer control just where you want it. A proper-fitting high-waisted panty will accentuate all your beautiful curves and smooth out anything you may feel less confident about. Consider wearing a high-waisted panty under a shift dress or A-line skirt to create a flattering shape.

4. Bra fitting
I recommend getting professionally fitted for a bra once to twice a year. It may sound like a lot, but your body is constantly changing, and without a properly fitting bra, you compromise your comfort, and even the way your outfit looks. The lifespan of a bra is a lot shorter than you might think, and a properly-fitting bra is essential. You can visit The Bay to set up your bra-fit appointment. 64% of women worldwide wear the wrong sized bra, and during your appointment, they’ll educate you on how a bra should fit on your body. Triumph offers a size range from A-H.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 7.55.49 PM

Triumph Beauty-Full Basics Balconette Bra $58 CAD, The Bay

5. The must-haves
There are five bras every curvy woman should own in their bra-repertoire:

  • A T-Shirt Bra for smooth seams every day. Try an Amourette Spotlight T-Shirt bra ($60 CAD, The Bay), which offers molded cups for a classic silhouette.
  • A Magic Wire Bra, which features a sealed silicone wire that provides the support of a wired bra, with the feel and comfort of a wireless bra. The integrated silicone wire ensures a perfect, flexible fit, without wires that dig in. Hello freedom of movement! Try the Magic Wire Tshirt Bra $50 CAD, The Bay.
  • A Multi-Way Bra , the solution for wearing any type of dress (such as strapless) without showing straps. Try the Beauty-Full Basic Balonette Bra ($58, The Bay), which also has side boning in the wings for extra support.
  • A Push-Up Bra for low cut tops and when you need a little va-va-voom, try the Amazing Sensation Push-Up Bra ($39.20 CAD, The Bay).
  • A Soft Cup Underwired Bra to highlight the natural shape of your bust. Try the Perfectly Soft Tshirt Bra ($50 CAD, The Bay), with thicker shoulder straps and smooth microfibre for extra comfort and support.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 7.57.44 PM

Triumph Amazing Sensation Push Up Bra $39.20 CAD (Sale), The Bay


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