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5 Tips To Look Fresh After You Workout

workout styleWe are all in agreement that working out is good for us. And now that it’s beach season, there’s all the more reason to make time for yourself and work up a sweat. Ever since I bought into ClassPass I’ve been trying different fitness classes every chance I get. But in these beautiful summer months it’s hard to find the time and motivation to get the gym, much less the added time it takes to freshen up and look put together afterwards! I’ve scoured the internet and test-driven some of the best tips and tricks to help you minimize your after-workout freshen period, while keeping that pretty post-workout glow, of course.

Lululemon Cardio Cross Trainer HeadbandCardio Cross Trainer Headband, $14 CAD, lululemon

1. Wear a Headband – A headband will not only keep your hair and sweat out off your face, it will also help protect your hairline from getting too sweaty. Pick a band that wicks moisture away to keep your roots dry.

Express Dry Shampoo SephoraSephora Collection Express Dry Shampoo, $9.00 CAD, Sephora  

2. Dry Shampoo – I’m a big fan of dry shampoo, and post workout it can make all the difference! While my fine, super straight hair is often too oily looking to wear down after a workout, I like to add some dry shampoo to my roots, give it a good rub and pull my hair into a dutch turned fishtail braid.

No. 7 Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking Wipes ShoppersImage via Style By Nohea
No. 7 Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking Wipes, approx $8 CAD, Shoppers Drug Mart

3. Face Cleansing Wipes – If you want to keep your skin clear, it’s essential to take off all of your makeup before working out. I cannot stress this enough! I use cleansing wipes before and after a class, but the pros say rinsing with water post-workout is likely enough, as long as you’ve taken off your makeup beforehand.

Space Dye Active Tank Joe FreshSpace Dye Active Tank, $19 CAD, Joe Fresh

4. Wear Breathable Fabrics – Not all workout clothes are created equal! Breathable fabrics like  nylon or spandex, which wick moisture from your body will help you stay cool and won’t cling uncomfortably to your body like cotton will. This should help speed up your cool down process.

Fresh Rose Floral TonerFresh Rose Floral Toner, $40 CAD, Sephora    

5. Rock Your Glow – Keep your post-workout flush without looking beet red with a soothing, calming toner, which can help to neutralize red and moisturize your skin.

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