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When Your Makeup Should Be Replaced

2014 GucciMy makeup bag was always a treasure trove of years past, with bright pink lipsticks from first year university, to a smoky-eye kit I bought when I graduated. Heck, I think I had an eye shadow I bought for prom (I swear I’m not a hoarder). The thing is, I rarely use up my makeup, and I tend to forget to throw it away! So I decided to look into the recommended dates for tossing makeup, and let’s just say, there’s been a significant reduction in makeup bag clutter.

Ranging from 3 months to two years, different makeup products “expire” at different rates. Here is a general guide to keeping your makeup fresh.

Mascara… Due to the risk of eye infections, mascara should be replaced every three months. Throw it away sooner if it begins to dry out. 

Eye Liner Pencil… Eyeliner pencils only have to be replaced every two years. Since they are continuously sharpened, these do not carry the same infection-causing bacteria that mascara does.

Eye Shadow… Powders can be kept for up to two years, while liquid variations should be replaced every year.

Bronzer, Blush and Powders… The same applies for these products as eye shadow, liquid variations must be replaced annually, while powdered products can last up to two years.

Lipstick… Keep your lipsticks for up to two years.

Concealer… Replace your concealer every 18 months.

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