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7 Tricks Of The Trade From Stylist Patricia Lagmay

patricia lagmay Stylist Patricia Lagmay works her magic on-set

If I’m ever on-set, I will pay close attention to what the stylist is doing and pepper them with random questions. For self-serving reasons of course, I always walk away with an insider tip on how to better style my own wardrobe. Genius and easy-to-incorporate tips that can solve a pesky wardrobe dilemma in an instant.

Here, Patricia Lagmay shares with us 7 of her favourite tricks of the trade. As one of the top fashion stylists in Canada, Patricia is an expert — for the past 3 years, she’s styled over 4,000 looks for Aritzia and acted as the lead art director on catalogue and content shoots for the brand, a Style Spy favourite. If you’ve been paying close attention, you will have noticed that Aritzia’s really upped their styling game in the last few years — their look books have never looked better and their catalogue is one of the most aspirational in the market — a large part due to Patricia’s involvement behind the scenes.

Read her 7 tips below and stay tuned as Patricia will be back to share her tips on thrifting and her career in the upcoming weeks.

1. Cold, dry weather means more static electricity. Take a dryer sheet and rub it on your clothes to get rid of the cling. No need for Static Guard!

2. Plunging necklines? Great*. A re-enactment of Janet Jackson’s Superbowl mishap? Not so much. Pay a visit to the men’s grooming department. Topstick is primarily used for wigs and toupees but makes for a great double-sided fabric tape.

* Occasion dependent, of course

3. If you have a pair of jeans you want to hem but can’t commit to the length, cuff them in place using safety pins to test out which length works best, then wear them out for a day or two to help you decide.

4. We all hate lint. The Monica’s of the world especially. If you’re at the office and in need of a lint roller but don’t have one, try packaging tape. Just test it on a small area of your clothing first to make sure that the fabric can withstand it.

5. Already have your makeup on but need to change into something with a tight neckline? Throw a piece of silk fabric over your head before putting it on. You’ll look ridiculous as you’re doing it, but your foundation stays on your face, not on your clothes.

6. Sometimes dry skin can leave a mark on dark clothing. The easiest and quickest fix is this: take a piece of fabric (it can even be the sweater that you’re already wearing) and rub it against the mark. It’ll be gone in an instant.

7. My last tip is most definitely not the sexiest, but it gets the job done. If the top you’re wearing doesn’t allow for a bra (and you’re small-chested like me), Band-Aids are your best friend. I’ll leave the instructions out for this one.

aritzia See tip #6 above – how to avoid leaving dry skin marks on dark clothing!

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