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Tips To Clean Your Closet And What To Do With Clothes You Don’t Want

closetConfession: My closet organization is totally out of control right now. Clothes half hanging on hangers, a pile here and a pile there… Not to mention, there’s a large pile of clothes by my dresser that has been growing since Christmas which I affectionately call “Mount Cloth.” Suffice to say, I need to regain control of my closet (and my bedroom).

If you’re feeling the itch to “spring clean,” here is my game plan to attacking, purging and cleaning your closet. Now, put on your game face.

Closet cleanup plan

Prep… Prepping is key. Make sure you have enough time (and energy) to devote to the exercise. It’s not super fun but if not now then when?  Before you start, ensure that you have supplies like boxes, garbage bags and labels. Prepare labels that say donate, sell/consign and tailor.

Review and sort… Jump right in! Go through your closet and drawers, pulling out pieces that you’re no longer into. Evaluate and decide where each piece should go:

  • Donate clothes that are still in great condition but you no longer love. Find them another home by donating to a friend, family member or a local charity (see below).
  • Tailor pieces of clothing that can easily have a second chance after some mending has been done.
  • Sell or consign designer labels and clothes that are still in great condition. Consignment shops can be very picky so make sure your clothes are in tip top shape. Launder, iron or fold the items when you present them for consignment and ensure the style, silhouette or brand are still relevant today. 

If like me you tend to get stuck in deciding what to do with a particular item (and want to abandon the whole exercise altogether), ask yourself these questions in this helpful infographic I found on Pinterest.


Where to donate your clothes

Where to consign your clothes

In Vancouver,

In Toronto,

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  1. I prefer my girlfriend to do it for me.

    Faster, looks great and I can buy her flowers instead 🙂

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