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Tips To Looking Better In Photos

takeaimImage via Take Aim

For some, taking Instagram-worthy photos comes naturally. But for others, taking a good photograph is an art still waiting to be mastered. If you’re one of those people, have you ever wondered how models, celebrities, or even some of your family and friends manage to be so photogenic? The secret they know that you may not is that it’s all about practice and knowing how to position yourself for the camera. Even if you love the way you look in person, it still takes a bit of skill to ensure your beauty translates for photography. A great way to practice this is to try out different poses, facial expressions, and angles in the mirror. Another great way to experiment is to use the camera on your phone. Once you’ve discovered your favourite angles and expressions, incorporate them with my tips and tricks below and be set to never take an unflattering photo again!

chiaraAvoid the Double Chin: To avoid the dreaded double chin, press your tongue on the roof of your mouth while smiling. This will help to elongate your neck and jawline.

headonDon’t Face the Camera Head On: Facing the camera squarely is seldom flattering and can make your face look wider, larger, or even somewhat discoloured. Instead, turn your head slightly sideways and either tilt your chin a bit upwards or downwards. This will help to give your facial features more depth.

Red Carpet PoseTry the “Red Carpet” Pose: We’ve all seen celebrities pose this way but they do it because it works! To perfect this pose, put your hand on your hip, angle your body to the side, and turn your head towards the camera. Besides making you look fantastic, this pose will also help you look slimmer.

cross ankleCross Your Ankles: When standing, crossing your ankles at the calves will help to narrow your hips and make your legs look longer. Additionally, crossing your legs at the ankles while seated will look more flattering than not positioning your legs at all.

handsKeep Your Hands Busy: Whether it’s playing with your hair, putting your hands in your pockets, or holding a cup of coffee, giving your hands something to do in a photo will prevent them from looking awkward.

squadDon’t Stand Too Close to the Camera: When taking group shots, never stand the closest to the camera. The reason being is that you’ll appear excessively larger. Instead, ensure everyone in the photo is on an even plane.

alexa chungUse Your Tongue: To avoid a silly, too-wide grin, place your tongue behind your teeth when smiling.

left sideShow the Left Side of Your Face: Studies have shown that showing the left side of your face in photographs is considered more attractive than the right side. Who knew!

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