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Tried And Tested: FaceOff Reusable Wash Cloth To Remove Your Makeup


We all know the importance of taking your makeup off at the end of day. But oftentimes, it feels like a chore due to fatigue and sheer laziness. And no matter how thoroughly I clean my eye area with a Q-tip, it never seems to be enough as I often find myself awake the next morning with raccoon eyes. So, when the FaceOff Cloth, a soft and reusable wash cloth, came across my desk, I was intrigued to learn more about its ability to thoroughly remove all your makeup without makeup remover or a cotton pad. Wait, what?!

Claim to fame… FaceOff is an all-natural, soft and reusable face cloth that removes all types of makeup, dirt and grime without the use of harsh chemicals and detergents. It eliminates the need for makeup removers and facial cleanser pads. The cloth is weaved with ultra-thin microfibers that are designed to gently lift dirt and exfoliate, leaving your skin naturally clean and smooth.

How to use it… Wet the FaceOff cloth under warm water and wipe the makeup off your face as if you were using one of those makeup removing cleansing cloths. I really put this cloth to the test when I used it to remove my wedding day makeup. We’re talking air-brush foundation, layers of eyeliner and eye shadow, and a ton of lash glue– the works. The cloth allowed me to really maneuver the delicate eye area very easily, making sure I removed all the bits of glue and liner stuck in between my lashes.  It’s amazing that no cleanser or makeup remover was required! The cloth simply wiped it all away.

The result…  Not a speck of shimmer or remnants of foundation left behind! My face didn’t feel tight or dry either. Once my makeup was removed, I did follow up with my usual cleansing oil to cleanse and wash my face but other than that, I didn’t need my usual cotton cleansing pad and makeup remover as a first step.

Good to know… To care for your FaceOff cloth, wash with soap and water each use, and hang to dry. The cloth is also machine washable and should be replaced every 4 months. It’s recommended for all skin types, including acne-prone skin.

Bonus points… If you regularly use Q-tips or fancy soft cotton pads to remove your makeup, you can give up that habit with the FaceOff Cloth. Doing so saves you money and incurs less waste which sounds pretty win/win to me!

The FaceOff cloth is available online at or select retailers in Toronto (see their Instagram page), $12.95 CAD 

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