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Trend To Try: Ankle Strap Flats

alexa chungWhile I’m not a big flats girl, there’s something about ankle strap flats that’s hard to resist. As someone who has always been irked by the heel slippage factor involved with flats, I find the ankle strap makes them significantly easier to walk in all day. Additionally, the strap adds a hint of polish and somehow makes flats look a little more flattering and fashionable, while still having the versatility of classic ballet flats. With styles ranging from cute rounded toes to d’Orsay to elegant pointed toes, this is a trend you can wear anywhere – and be comfortable while you’re doing it!

Will you be rocking ankle strap flats this season?

Activista Nine WestActivista, $120 CAD, Nine West

Anastagia Nine WestAnastagia, $135 CAD, Nine West

Coach Jameson Ankle Strap Flat Town ShoesCoach Jameson Ankle Strap Flat, $165 CAD, Town Shoes

Shippegan AldoShippegan, $64.99, ALDO

Lace Flats with Ankle StrapLace Flats with Ankle Strap, $176.99 CAD, J.Crew

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