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7 Things I Learned About The iPhone 7

telus iphone

Bombarding Chantal with my questions.

As a devote Apple iPhone user, I’m always curious when a new iPhone comes out. Upgrading to a shiny new phone is always exciting, especially that feeling you get when you unbox it and start playing with it. If you’re like me, you might be guilty of having a device and not always knowing how to use it to its fullest capacity. Which is why I was excited to learn that TELUS offers its customers one-on-one tutorials to learn about their new phone or other products like tablets, smart watches and activity trackers. They’re free and you get two 45-minute tutorials. I’m one of those people who still prefers to learn face-to-face, so it’s nice to know there’s someone to help you. I sat down with Chantel Hunter from TELUS to learn more about the iPhone 7 features.

iPhone 7

1. First Water-Resistant iPhone

This. is. revolutionary. I’ve had to replace two laptops and one phone due to spills, most recently, my MacBook Air was retired after an unfortunate incident with a full glass of water. Knowing that the iPhone 7 is water-resistant comforts a clumsy person like me. The iPhone 7’s enclosure was re-engineered and the phone can withstand up to one meter of water (hot or cold) for up to 30 minutes. If you accidentally spill that glass of wine or drop the phone in the toilet, your phone will survive!

2. Advanced Camera

It’s rare I pull out my DSLR, it’s so much easier to take photos on my iPhone. The upgraded camera on the iPhone 7 is something I’m especially excited about. The iPhone 7 has a 12MP camera and a 7MP FaceTime HD Camera and a 28mm wide angle lens with an aperture of f1.8, letting in more light, making better photos and videos in low light. I did a side by side comparison by taking a photo with an iPhone 6S Plus and the iPhone 7. The photo on the 7 was indeed more vivid. I’m going to let Wired Magazine explain in more detail about the dual camera set-up.

3. Stereo Speakers

The iPhone 7 has a new stereo speaker system, making it 2x louder than the audio output of a 6S. Chantal asked me what song I wanted to listen to – I get nervous when people ask me about my musical taste. I listen to Spotify – is that an artist? Chantal is a 60’s kind of gal and a big Beatles fan, but she brought up Ariana Grande’s ‘Into You’ – a request from a previous client. We first played it on the iPhone 6S Plus and then the iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 was significantly louder . Now you can blast your music while you take a shower and actually hear the tunes! Oh, and no more fear of getting a few splashes on the phone.

4. Longest iPhone Battery Life Ever

You probably know that horrible feeling you have inside when your phone is down to 5% and you forgot your charger! No one likes to run out of battery life. The iPhone 7 has up to two hours longer battery life than the iPhone 6S, and the iPhone 7 Plus has up to one hour longer battery life than the iPhone 6 Plus.

5. New Black and Jet Black Finishes

As someone who rarely wears colour and who’s wardrobe is 50% black, it excites me to see the two new finish options for the iPhone 7: Black, a matte finish and Jet Black, a glossy finish. And they’re gorgeous! I’ll be getting the iPhone 7 Plus in black. Sleek and understated, just what I like.

6. AirPods

When the iPhone 7 first came out in September, there were a lot of stories about Apple’s new AirPods, the wireless headphones. The 7 would eliminate the headphone jack where you would typically plug in a pair of wired headphones. Like everyone else on the Internet, I was a little skeptical. But then Chantal gave me more details on the AirPods, and I found myself super intrigued. As soon as you pull an Air Pod out of your ear, the music will stop and as soon as you pop it back in, the music will start again. You can also access Siri with your Air Pods, tap either Air Pod to activate – whether you want to turn up the volume, play your workout playlist or get directions somewhere. There wasn’t an Air Pod for me to test out, but I have read it provides superior sound. Now, not to fear, the iPhone 7 comes with Lightning EarPods and a Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter – AirPods are totally optional.

7. Performance!

I’m not going to bore you with technical jargon, but if you must know, the iPhone 7 has a new A10 Fusion chip. It’s the fastest chip in any smartphone, which makes it 2x faster than an iPhone 6. Basically, all you need to know is it’s fast…blazing fast.

iPhone Tips You May Not Know Of

Chantal showed me a few features on the iPhone that I may have been missing!

Do Not Disturb

Do Not Disturb mode means you won’t get awaken by random text messages! 

Do Not Disturb

From time to time, I get text messages from Hong Kong or Toronto and it’s the worse to get woken up at 5am from your beeping phone! Your iPhone has a Do Not Disturb mode, access it via Settings and Do Not Disturb. Pick a time you’d like Do Not Disturb to kick in (i.e. 10pm – 7am).  The phone doesn’t need to be turned onto silent as the phone will automatically go into Do Not Disturb mode at the designated time. You can also customize it and let certain calls and messages in through a favorites list (i.e. Mom and Dad). I quickly set-up my Do Not Disturb on my phone, cause you don’t want to mess with my sleep!


On iOS 10 , there’s now a section in your photos called Memories. Memories gathers photos and organizes them into ‘Memories’ – it almost looks like a collaged stream of photos. When I go to my Memories, I see ‘Best of The Year 2016’ (the cover is a photo of me and my Mom in Hong Kong earlier this year), ‘Japan and Hong Kong’, ‘Best of Last 3 Months’ and ‘Disneyland Resort’. Well done iOS 10, these are indeed some of my favourite memories from the year.

Night Shift

Night Shift isn’t new, but I never heard of it. Your iPhone emits a bright blue light that can disrupt your sleep if you’re using your phone too close to bedtime. This is why it’s recommended you power down electronics at least an hour before sleep, but let’s be real, who really does that? By setting a Night Shift time, the iPhone will shift its lighting and emit a warmer, less blue light. Once I set up Night Shift, I noticed the phone screen was much less bright and jarring. To access Night Shift, go to Settings and Display & Brightness.

P.S. Pretty Little Cases

iPhone cases

The TELUS case selection…LOVE.

This isn’t a tip, but TELUS has done a very good job in bringing in some super fun iPhone cases. I spotted these at the new TELUS Connected Experience store at Tsawwassen Mills. and Sonix makes the cutest cases. When you do get an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, you will need to get a new case. iPhone 7 cases work for 6S, but not vice versa.

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is now available at TELUS.

As a TELUS Advocate this year I’ll be sharing stories in partnership with TELUS. All opinions are my own.


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